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  • Uhhhh, SS, you rated the wrong team. the newer and better one is in the thread called "a not-so-rare Trick Room team". Should I just delete the old one?
    kk. See you around. Feel free to VM me anytime you want to have a VGC-like battle. BTW, I figured that results would be too random with Grass Knot, so I gave him a Miracle Seed with Giga Drain and boosted his EVs enough to where he can outrun a Modest Kingdra in Tailwind, 2HKO commonly used pokemon with types weak against it (except TTar, of course. That pokemon is a monster tank in SandStorms), and survive 2 Ice Beams from a Politoed while still supporting the team both offensively and defensively. It was a lot of work and it took forever to raise the egg, but I figured out the recipe behind it. I can give you the recipe if you want it.

    Edit: Tailwind may be the godsend your team needs.
    In all honesty, I took what Latios was good at and applied the skills that are normally taught to Latias. Subs help protect me from Sucker Punch and bad Status while Calm Mind just helps me sweep.

    P.S. I edited my previous post to answer your Heat Wave suggestion.
    I was honestly shocked that the sub didn't break myself. Again, so glad I had Safeguard and I bet you were so mad when that Sucker Punch left my Heatran with 1HP left. I smell a rage face coming along. Either way, I'm game for battling you again at anytime before I go back to college. Right now, I'm listening to One Piece openings. The one I'm listening to right now is "One Day" by "The Rootless".

    Edit: I used to use Heat Wave on Heatran, but that gave me "Can't KO when I need to the most" syndrome and "Misses at the worst times" syndrome. I figured that if I'm not going to use a move with 100% accuracy, I might as well use something that does a lot of damage and traps survivors at the same time while ruining Leftovers recovery. It's funny how some people expect the Safeguard + Swagger combo when I use Safeguard while Krookodile is around.

    It seems like you're just using Politoed as more of a weather disruptor than a Rain Sweeper. I'm guessing that you do a lot of Smogon matches since you don't use the Drizzle + Swift Swim combo like most other people.
    Can you imagine how crazy it would be if they actually rated matches like that in the GBU? I can already see myself going up about 30-40 points per match if they all were on the record.
    You gave me a good match as well. It was kind of fun to feel pressure like that. Good thing I had my Whimsicott learn Safeguard and my Latios learn Substitute in the past or my chances of winning would've been ruined by paralysis hax. I was honestly surprised by how long it took to break Latios' Sub. Did you give your Rotom a more defensive set?
    You have an interesting team, but it seemed like for the whole match, you were reliant on paralysis working for you. It might help you more if you get a speedy poke in there in case paralysis isn't going to cut it, but seeing as you're the #1 in the U.S, it's your call, not mine. Those were an exciting 2 matches, but I guess you wanted to do a 3rd match too, didn't you?
    Sure. I'll be up early in the morning, so I should be able to get to you around my 9:00 a.m. What time zone are you in and what is your friend code? By the time I post this message, it will be 10:21 p.m. in my time zone.
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