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  • : > Thanks so much for your trading interest, good luck to you too!
    I'm around if you ever want to say hi!
    I'm not willing to part with my shinies, honestly. They're really meaningful to me, they were a gift... and I gave away my game legendaries for them.
    The best I can offer is a Piplup with Pokerus.
    Building one, more like. I have to use ALL FLYING types because I'm a gym leader :p haven't allocated EV's, natures, or movesets yet but this is the outline: Salamence, Aerodactyl, Thundurus, Gliscor, Togekiss, and Gyarados. One of them may be replaced by Zapdos or Skarmory
    Well, if you're a gym leader it's fun and you gain experience, so you should try it sometime :) Maybe when you think you're more experienced
    It's not MY league, it's Sweep Freak's league :) they still have two more gym leader spots and three elite four spots and need applicants. I don't have my white on me but I'll pm you that FC :)
    Sort of new :) I'm a gym leader in the Aquatic Abyss league which is currently being set up, so I'll be sure to let you know when it's open :D if you want, you could help me test my gym team :)
    Really? My friend (older than me) has been doing EVing for forever and he says it's that way, but I don't know since I'm not that good. Yet. You should check and ask a serebii member that is very experienced at EVing. Like Blue Harvest. Let me know what you find :)
    Okay so when you EV train, you do it at every level. So once you max out EV's at one level, then level your pokemon up, the EV's will be added to your pokemon's stats and then you can add ANOTHER 510 or so EV's. does that help? :) also a good guide is written by Blue Harvest, A basic guide to EV's Iv's and natures which is in serebiiforums somewhere. It's very useful. hope I helped! :)

    EDIT: That's actually incorrect disregard this :)
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