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  • I like all 3, actually :3 Choosing a starter isn't a problem for me, lol. I always get the remaining two somehow after starting the game, xD through Wonder Trade or something.
    I asked around and the images are certainly lost :(
    It would be great if you could remake some, but you don't have to if you think you don't have the time.
    Also if you need any help, just contact me. I still know how a few of your entries look like.
    Thanks. :] I had them saved on Photobucket and as far as I know they have no back up on there. Not sure how long ago I removed them from my PC. I can remember how I did a few of them, but yeah some will be awkward ha.
    The sprites from the X/Y project aren't so many so that isn't so bad.
    For the GWSC, it would be great if you could recreate it, but it would probably be difficult (since you have no reference) and will take a lot of time (since you won 9 times ^^).
    I'll hear around first if there is a way to get them back (maybe a computerwhiz knows how to do it). If that doesn't work, we'll see what is possible to redo.
    I saw that that your images (uploaded by photobucket) aren't visible anymore.
    Is it because you deleted your account on photobucket or something like that?
    I would love to reupload the hall of fame (of the GWSC) and your sprites of the XY project. It would be a shame if they got lost.
    So could you send the images or a link to them or so?
    Your starter looks adorable! If there was one complaint, it would be it looks a little similar to Vaporeon with the mammal with a fish tail thing. Still, cutie!
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