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  • Okay, that's all 4 teams we currently have for the Gym. Feel free to customize, change stuff up, whatever. These are your pokes now.

    And let me know if you need anything else at all like pokes from my thread or items or whatnot.

    I'm gonna give LordFeralligatr the 2 newest teams now, so you have a good night, k?

    And let me know if you have any questions at all about how they should best be set up, or whatever, and let me know how they test for you on PBR random wifi and whatnot.
    Practice is always good, but from what I can see you're already pretty good. Hope to battle you again soon =)
    It was very nice to talk to you and finally get to battle you. You have great potential, and I know you'll go far.

    have a great night.

    -Matthew Carter. :)
    WHUT?!???!! NO EB FOR EUROPE?!?!?! =o

    That's terrible! At least you've got the emulator. :/
    Oh, I also just now noticed you're into Mother 3! :D It's such a small world. xD I've never played any other Mother's but "2" for the SNES, but it's still even to this day my favorite game! My lil bro has my EB cart right now, cuz I let him borrow my SNES.
    Excelent Game! :D You did really great, actually much better than I expected when I saw your leads! To be honest, I'm very surprised that you managed to outlast my first Trick Room, so that I had to set another one up, that's pretty good! Oh, and are your pokes RNG'd too? They took some pretty hard hits!

    You did splendidly, well, and if you want to be a fellow Gym Leader along with Bad Intent, Greysong, Shuttup, Jeyre80, and me, feel free to join. I'm pretty good at scouting a person's ability by the choices they make in battle, and you've definitely got more than enough skill for our lil project! :D

    Grrrrrrrreat Game!
    Great game! Can't believe we opened the same. Hopefully I can battle you again another time. You've just started helping with mattj's league, correct?
    Okay, cools. I'm on right now if you're ready?

    EDIT: Oh, I'm in GMT-7 (Pacific) and my DS FC is 0087 8724 2518.
    Hey there, I hear you play VGC style matches. I'm always looking for some VGC battles so if you're available to spar, please let me know!
    After all the "Qualifiers" were over, there was the "National Championship" in St. Louis Missouri. The nice thing about "Nationals" was that you didn't absolutely have to have made top 4 at the "Regional Qualifiers", you could just show up and hope to get picked to get in just like the other qualifiers. I live like 10 minutes from St. Louis, so I figured I'd give it a shot and me and my cousin Jesse both got picked to play. If you want a link to the whole story it's here. Needless to say, I got pretty lucky (rather, my final opponent underestimated me. :p) and I made it into the top 16 at Nationals. That won me a "free trip" to San Diego California to play at Worlds.

    Here's my Worlds Story too if you want to read it. Crazy fun time. Really sucked that my wife and babygirl couldn't be there, but luckily I was already good friends with all but like 7 of the 32 people who competed at Worlds, so I still had a great time. :)
    Well, the VGCs worked like this in the US (by the way, where are you, just curious? Europe?) Like 10 or so "qualifiers" were held across the US. At each one, 128 people played and the top 4 at each one won like 250$ (for "gas money") and a guaranteed spot at the "National Championship" in St. Louis Missouri. I made it to the Nashville Tennessee Qualifier, but wasn't selected to play (over 300 "seniors" showed up).
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