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  • Yeah, I'll send you the OP tonight. If I'm 6 hours behind you (it's 4:26 PM here) that would make it like 10:26 where you are, so I doubt we'd be able to battle tonight. I've gotta cook dinner before the wife gets off work and give my daughter a bath before church tonight, so I'm kinda booked, and by the time I'd get free (9PM here) it would be like... wow... 3AM your time! Ha! Wednesday nights are always soooo booked for me! XD
    Wow! You sound like a perfect fit! What we are all working on is a "league" of sorts where people who want to prepare for the 2010 VGCs can find...
    2)"Test" Battles
    3)RNG'd Pokemon
    4)Lots and Lots and Lots of "VGC Style" battles
    ...all in one convenient place.

    I competed in last year's VGCs and actually made it all the way to Worlds 09 in SanDiego (placed 17th! XD) but I had such a terribly hard time finding guidance, good IV pokemon, specific test battles, and just plain old VGC Style Battles to help me prepare for the qualifyers, Nationals (US), and then eventually for Worlds 09 itself. So, me, Greysong, and a bunch of others are teaming up to get all these necissary things all in one place so people who are interested (mostly us I guess! XD) will be able to easily prepare for next year's events.

    I can send you the PM of the Opening Post for our thread if you'd like to get further details.

    BTW, wanna battle? It'd be nice to see how your RD team works. :)
    Hi! Nice to meet you. Greysong said he randomly battled you and you did very good, so tell me about yourself. Have you been playing very long? Did you get to compete in any of the VGC events last year? Do you understand all the mechanics like EVs, IVs, Stat Boosters, IV Breeding, and RNG? Just curious.

    Yeah, we're about 1/2 way there with this huge VGC project we're all working on. We'd appreciate any help if you're interested. :)

    Again, nice to meet you!
    GG SP-Eevee! Very close! That protect was lucky! XD Hey, were having a VGC project and I want to recommend you to Mattj. You should talk to him about joining.
    hey i went down there with a make shift team with only two being ev trained and managed to get in the top 32 so i reckon your'll do alright. Would you like to have a rematch against another one of my teams now ?
    gg did your zapdos have heat wave ? that is something i always dread when using this team. A rain team is something i have not got yet, they are regarded as one of the best for VGC. hope to battle you again soon.
    f you on today we could but after today i'm away for two weeks so it'll have to wait until i return. Just PM when you about next i'll check bak here every so often any ways.
    Yo! So I've finally joined this place. Though I'll probably just get lost in the suffle here. :p
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