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Recent content by Spacial Rend

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    [ORAS OU] Mega Gallade Team

    Definately replace King's Rock on Togekiss for Leftovers preferably. Also, Anicent Power is pretty luck reliant as 20% is well lower than a OHKO so Aura Sphere/Flamethrower are much better coverage options, or you could run Nasty Plot for a SpAtk boost. Also, without having a Spinner/Defogger...
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    Rate my team, I'm clueless

    Sceptile (Jolly, Focus Sash) Swords Dance Leaf Blade Rock Slide Earthquake This one looks pretty good to me for a physical sweeper Aerodactyl (Jolly, Life Orb) Taunt Tailwind Rock Slide Earthquake Earthquake and Rock Slide/Stone Edge have near-perfect coverage, as well as EQ being...
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    First Battle Maison Team

    Haxorus@Leftovers Mold Breaker Adamant/Jolly 252 Atk 252 Spe 4HP Moves: - Dragon Claw - Earthquake/Rock Slide - Dragon Dance - Protect Changes in bold The idea is you give the opponent's lead Pokémon Truant with your Durant so they can only attack every other turns. Then...
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    Quagsireking's team of misfits

    http://sprites.pokecheck.org/s/006.gif Charizard @ Life Orb Blaze EVs:252 Sp Att 252 Speed 4 Sp Def Nature: Modest - Flamethrower - Solar beam - Focus Blast - Air slash/Flame Charge If it weren't for the fact that you already have one with Modest that's shiny, Timid would be soo...
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    You're Banned 5.0 (Rule update: 09/08/14)

    Banned for being a fan of Dawn
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    UU Beasting! (In Construction)

    Ambipom could use Double Hit for powerful STAB. A lot of your team is weak to Weavile, so you might want to consider that. Also, I agree with USAToday. If you run Hitmontop, definately give it Mach Punch to deal with Weavile
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    zun sun sun

    If items aren't a problem, I'd reccommend getting another scarfer. If they are, Volcarona, Nidoking, and Zoroark could be better scarfers than Latios. The team has a major Ice weakness and a ScarfTar could deal some serious damage. Latios couldn't take out Tyranitar unless it carried HP...
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    Community POTW #42

    The common sets have been taken, guess I'll post something gimmicky. Bulky Boost@Leftovers EVs: 252 HP 200 Def 56 SpDef Nature: Impisih Waterfall Return Swords Dance Barrier I highly doubt anybody would use this, but it could work... maybe.? Swords Dance boosts Tentacruel's low...
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    Moves you think Pokemon should be able to learn, but can't.

    Golurk should be able to learn Shadow Sneak. It would make him a lot better and somewhat make up for that terrible speed. And Machamp should be able to learn Drain Punch, I mean, he can learn almost every other punching move (and yes, Mach Punch would be good too)
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    please rate/help im new to wifi

    I'd say to replace Psychic on Starmie with Trick, making it annoying for the opponent, while Psychic gets bad coverage, but the STAB can be handy... I guess. Anyway, Trick is always great on Choice pkm. Jolly might be better on Staraptor, to at least tie with the 100s or have a good chance...
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    Rate My Team (Assistance would be nice)

    Arcanine@Life Orb/Expert Belt (If items is a prob) EVs: 252 Spd 200 Atk 56 SpAtk Nature: Hasty Ability: Intimidate Overheat Extreme Speed Thunder Fang Flare Blitz Physical Arcanine with Overheat. Pretty basic, with Overheat to take out Physically bulky Pokemon, or hit hard in...
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    My 5th Gen Team

    Swords Dance is better... with Hone Claws only boosting Stone Edge, which I changed because of the rather useless coverage, Aqua Tail/Fire Fang are better, and wouldn't need the acc. boost.
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    4th Gen OU PokeLab Team

    Well, with that giant HP stat, and a decent enough defense with Bold and 252 EVs, she can take on weaker physical attackers by using Toxic and then continuously using Softboiled and using Seismic Toss at times (she can take 2 Earthquakes from Metagross and a lot more that she'd fail at without)...
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    4th Gen OU PokeLab Team

    Jirachi @ Choice Scarf Ability: Serene Grace EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spd Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpAtk) - Fire Punch - Iron Head - ThunderPunch - Trick --- He screws up a lot of bulky leads by Iron Head kill, or TrickScarf annoyance. Basically, the standard attacking HaxRachi that really...
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    pokemon white team-new at competive

    Well, for starters, posting EVs would be nice, since a non-EVd team is going to be next to useless competetively, no matter how smartly planned the strategicness of the team is. Other than that, changes are in Bold.