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  • No problem! It's just because you said you wanted Mareanie, and since you didn't after all, I didn't know what to trade you for Cubone x) and Torkoal is my rarest mon since it is Apricorn Ball and 0 Speed, that's why I offered.

    Thank you too :) Let me know if you need anything else.

    Want to battle now btw? :p
    Those are all in stock so I can give them all now :) Shall I go online?

    I have Melemele Dex complete and I'm missing:
    Eeveelutions except Jolteon and Espeon
    Passimian (as wierd as it sounds, haven't caught one yet lol)
    All fossils

    Any of these would be a good help :)
    I just checked and have you added.

    From that list I can give you right now the following, since they are in stock:
    Drampa, Petilil, Sneasel, Torkoal, Mareanie, Pichu, Jangmo-o, Vulpix, Oranguru, Roggenrola and Litten.

    All the others have to be bred first, but one egg should guarantee a pretty good 4IV offspring so it will be quick. Just let me know which ones you need (not too many or I'll take a while breeding and still have to cook dinner lol)

    As for what I want, all those you mentioned were appealing and as for the dex entries, I haven't really made a list of wht I'm missing tbh, so I think anything will do lol these are breedjects after all, consider some of them a gift :)

    PS: You should really get skype, would ease this conversation a LOT ahah
    Yes I am, just arrived home actually! Let me grab the 3DS :)
    Just in case you don't have me added: 3866-8099-9870 - IGN: Pyreon

    Did you check my list or should I PM it to you?

    Glad it's going okay. It's almost impossible to cover everything. My technique was to make sure that the part I was able to cover was well consolidated. I would rather study 70% of the stuff and get those 70% right than try to cover a little bit of everything and then have it wrong or incomplete and end up with a worse grade.
    Turn Spacial into Special :p
    Ponymon was kinda cute ahah but yeah you need a real nickname ^^

    That's great! :) don't worry too much about IVs for me, I can rebreed and I'm also going to pass you imperfect stuff.

    How is your studying going?
    I'm also on my 3rd name but changed recently. I just want to change to match my name on twitter and all the other forums and gaming platforms.

    Lightning Rod is the ability I need in fact :p I have one but doesn't have Perish Song, so that is even better ^^

    I can deal with those ahah I have access to Battle Tree items already to put of some weird sets x)
    IGN is Pyreon, going to change my Serebii name to that as soon as I'm allowed to as well ahah

    All of those sound good, especially the Cubone. Does it have Perish Song?

    I picked Litten on Sun and now Popplio on Moon. I did a mono-Fire run on sun but let's see what I can do against your Water and Rock types ahah
    Hello :) all right that's fine for me. I should get home between 7 and 8pm so if you're on your break we can trade a couple things then. I'll send you my list afterwards because I'm at work now. Do you have a list of your breeding stock?

    Also, if you want to set up a battle with ingame teams or even a competitive one, I'm up for it ahah
    Ahah it was an okay team x) the one I'm using now is miles better but I'm average anyway lol

    When we get bank I can also get you an extra 6IV Ditto probably. Have 2 on OR I think.
    Drop me a message when you have time and I'll get you some mons. I posted my breeding list a few days ago in the IV-bred trading thread too.

    And you should get skype or discord. Easy to setup and to keep in touch afterwards :)
    I understand but try not to think of them. You'll do it for you. You have to give your best and feel happy about what you did. Then they will be proud :)

    I ran Mandibuzz, Weavile, Arcanine, Lele, Celesteela and Garchomp. Finished 4-5 on day one but managed some points on the side events the day after :)

    You will soon be able to use bank, so no worries eheh. I can provide you 4/5IV breedjects :)

    And those are a LOT of exams :/ good luck!
    You got skype?
    Pressure is your worst enemy for an exam. Try to be confident and relaxed :) do it for yourself, work hard, and nobody can point fingers.

    I actually enjoyed the story pretty much, I took one week to finish it and then rushed to breed my team to play in London at the International.
    Currently filling the Pokédex and playing Battle Spot in Sun and playing through Moon (got it for Christmas). If you need help with the dex maybe we could help each other ahah.

    And good luck with the exams :) what subjects are you being evaluated on?
    Aaand we broke up. ****.

    College is full of a mix of new people (the majority) and people from my school (the majority do a BTEC or some other course, about 10-20 of us do A-Levels there).

    Oh damn, that's pretty weird. I don't think I could even talk to strangers in parks, let alone invite them to parties. Hmm...

    Pretty much, kind-of need a more casual one that's just "eh, discuss Pokemon and other games, TV, anime, movies, books, etc. Nerd stuff basically". They don't exist though! Not with guild rules and stuff. I play Pokemon GO, level 16 at the moment? Haven't really played it in a while, it's lost its touch with people nowadays. Maybe when I get more data.
    It's an interesting affair. It's hard work (A-Levels at least) but we get a ton of freedom so that's good. You also don't realise the variety of people there are to meet until college, where you're thrown into classrooms with new people. I've had to make new friends, been pretty strange (but I'm dating a lovely young lady in one of my subjects, so it's good!). The work you do though... it's really tough. Lots of additional study outside of college.

    Eww, good luck with that extension then. Glad you had fun at your parties though! I need to go to more of them; college offers a "freshers party" but it's on my birthday, and I'm kind of done with socialising now.

    It got really weird. To be fair I only half-assed any attempt at reading it all, but the sudden shift... my god. Think that's it for me now haha, I'm not active enough to justify joining a guild so I'll just occasionally log on to see what's occurring.
    I am alive, just. College is going to murder me.

    So do I, need to check that out soon... charity bookshop sounds fun though :)

    That's pretty cool! I hope you enjoy(ed) them!

    So RoF closed down, everyone blames everyone, ****. How? Why?
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