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  • Yeah, I thought so. Some of my friends got A*s in certain subjects, but then got C's in others. So I think mine are fairly balanced. I can use these at university - Oxbridge? Unlikely, but everywhere else depends on my A-Level results. And I can get A-A* in them, I'll be solid :)

    Good, although my last session was on Wednesday and nobody turned up bar my friend, who only came to keep me company. I really enjoyed it, and am hoping for a part-time job thing there for when I start college :)

    How's life?
    did them last year, got mostly Bs. I did my AS levels instead. A in maths, Bs in further maths chemistry adn physics. did you do your GCSEs this year then?
    doing pretty good. getting back into pokemon again, and for a much longer period of time than usual, so i figured it'd be safe to commit to rejoining sppf. hows it gong with you
    Yeah, I'm happy with them. Expecting them? Kind-of. I expected worse in Maths, History and Additional Science, but better in English Lit (which I'm taking at A-Level) and ICT. But hey ho, it's cool. Most of my friends pulled an A* somewhere as an overall grade - I got 3 in exams, but it averaged out badly which is a shame.

    Aah, I see!
    It's cool, no worries. I'm happy with my results - B's in everything bar History and English Lang (which were A's). How did you do?
    I'm sure I will, it seems rather fun.

    We also have a sixth form, but our school's been in special measures so a lot of us are jumping ship despite us now being acceptable.

    The girl's name is Chloe, and she was in my English/Science/Maths class for the last two years. She's intelligent, has the most amazing voice I've ever heard and looks beautiful. I asked her out about this time last year, and she said no as she "wanted to focus on her life". We get along well though. Took me a while to get over her (don't think I ever did) and seeing her at prom looking indescribably beautiful.. hurt. So I've been a recluse these last few days, went out today and feel a bit better. Got my taster day for college tomorrow, that'll keep me busy.

    Huh, fair enough. Think Russian was our least chosen subject.

    Indeed. I like Corbyn; he represents pre-Blairite Labour, the old Labour. I don't think he's a strong enough leader though. However there's no decent replacement, so I'll stick with him. I'm... centre-left I suppose. I like the idea of everyone having the same, but not sure how it'd work in practice.
    Yeah, those opportunities seem good. A friend of mine is also doing it which is good; we doubled down on a lot of the time slots so we're together when facing the onslaught of children xD

    We had it Thursday. Was really good, coming from someone who hates dancing. However I've felt quite sad since then, because it's the end for my year and I won't see many of my peers ever again. And also the girl I asked out last year looked amazing, which was quite heartbreaking for me :/

    That's typically how it went for us as well; we chose the humanities because we did them in previous years. Art, Music and Drama were kind-of jokes in our year - not too many took them (bar Art) and even the teachers mocked the subjects on the open evening where you chose your GCSE's.

    Eh, I wouldn't worry about it. Exams are strange; even with lots of revision you know some things better than others, so if you're lucky the subjects you're good at will appear in the papers in future.

    Cheers :)

    I'm from the south, which voted Leave I believe (heh, rhymes). I didn't want Boris for PM either, but Gove shouldn't have backstabbed him. Now it's screwed him over. What side of the political spectrum would you say you were - left and Labour? Or right and Conservative? Or in the middle (Lib Dems ftw). Or somewhere in between.
    I am helping out in my local library for the Summer Reading Challenge. This year is Roald Dahl, whom I am a pretty big fan of so it works out pretty well. I'm not the biggest fan of young children, but I think I'll be alright.

    Now? Not so much, as I've gotten used to late mornings and lazy days. The last week was killer though, particularly as after History I didn't care too much about Chemistry or Physics. That was the most tiring I felt about all the exams. Afterwards you're drained mentally, but you get over it quickly.

    Yeah. We were kind-of restricted in the sense you had to do a Humanity and a Language, but then you got two other choices.

    That's great, and rather similar to my own mock results. Congrats! Always good getting the highest mark compared to others, keep it up.

    Fair enough. Breaking Bad is high on my list, as is Lucifer (think it's meant to be a crime drama-esque show with Lucifer in it).

    Aah, Brexit... I'd have voted Remain personally, although a lot of my family (bar my grandparents and uncles) voted Leave. Sovereignty was never a particularly big deal to me (although I am a fan of the Royal Family) and the lies Brexit put out was... disconcerting (although Remain also lied). I hated that we didn't know anything about it and were just guessing what would happen, and then allowing people to make uninformed decisions. It did show though that the British people are more concerned about immigration than the economy; the EU and our own government was too slow to act on it. Now awaiting Frexit, Auxit, Porxit, Ixit, Grexit and Nexit.
    Yeah, relaxing is hard. I'm now wired to having lots to do, whether that's meeting up with people or revising or even going into school. Having none of that (except maybe meeting my friends) is quite tough, doesn't feel right to me. But I have my official leaving assembly on Thursday, my volunteering training next Monday (27th) and my prom on the 30th which should keep me fairly busy, and from there I'll be volunteering and meeting friends and gaming (as you do).

    Aah, excellent! Those are some good grades. RS is one of those subjects we all assumed would be quite simple but nobody took. After going through my options I know I'd definitely change some (ICT and Sociology for example), and RS might've been one I'd have taken (or Media Studies/Citizenship). Why do you take RS?

    I am, but I haven't actually watched the show... just read some of the books. Now I have 10 weeks off, I may start watching it. Breaking Bad is also on my list of shows to watch, alongside GoT, Lucifer, Arrow, Daredevil, The Flash and House. Lots to do!
    Chemistry was alright, could've been better. Physics too, but that was my last exam so I'm fine with it now. I can relax!

    62% is alright! I tend to average around 50%, maybe a bit above it on Biology alone, Chemistry and Physics are a bit above that.

    Indeed it was.

    Favourite books... Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, Frankenstein, Dracula, Percy Jackson, Artemis Fowl, Skulduggery Pleasant and of course A Song of Ice and Fire.
    It's alright, it's pretty much electrolysis again (which we did in Chemistry I think...) plus forces and ****. I do alright with it, it's Chemistry I hate (and that's tomorrow!).

    Sounds cool. We've done A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest. I've gone to see Much Ado about Nothing at the theatre which was good. The old gits who sat behind me encouraged me to buy a top hat, monocle and pocket watch to mock them and act like a pompous twit. Fun stuff.

    Did my second History exam today, went really well. My teachers predicted correctly on which topic it would be :)
    My teacher went on maternity leave in the half-term, so my class has been screwed over. Plus we rushed through Physics Additional so we don't actually know that much about it.

    Yeah, well at least you've read OMAM. Good stuff, lots to talk about there. I haven't seen Othello before, but I believe we do it at A-Level at the college I'm going to. Is it any good?
    Aah, I see. Probably why they're slightly less lenient on the timings of exams; we had that last year with people doing exams before others.

    Excellent, glad to hear it. I don't mind Physics, it's Chemistry I don't like much. Biology is my favourite but it's my worst Science. Ironically, my best Science is Chemistry despite the hatred.

    Yeah, some girl wrote something like 14-16 pages when I'd only written about 8. I don't know how, suppose they're just rambling on. Lit Paper 1 was An Inspector Calls/Of Mice and Men, both of which were great. Paper 2 was poetry, and we did Character and Voice (so poems like My Last Duchess, Ozymandias, River God, Portrait of a Deaf Man, Singh Song!, etc.). Since you have to pick a question with a poem and then compare it I went with the Ruined Maid question for my exam, and compared with Ozymandias.
    Thanks, so do I. By now I've done Maths and Biology, both of which went really well. So we'll see!

    Aah, I imagine you did fine. There were people in my year who needed extra paper, I don't know why. As long as you explained yourself decently you'll do fine. I wish you luck with your Physics and Spanish!

    Wait, you're Year 10? I'm Year 11. This is confusing.
    Let's just say we don't talk about it... I screwed up a couple of questions in the Cold War bit (got cocky and didn't revise it as much I suppose) but may have made up for it in the Germany section. Going to revise Britain like mad, getting my target grade relies on it now. English Language was much better.

    Excellent, which ones do you think you did well on? My week has gone rather well, I have an exam (last Maths one) and one half-lesson tomorrow, and the same on Friday. Kind-of odd how your schedule is mixed up, didn't think they'd allow that for important exams.
    Thank you. I have a feeling I improved in Sociology, did the same in Spanish, worsened in ICT, maybe improved in English Lit, worsened in Maths (so far) and worsened in Science. Tomorrow is History (Germany/Cold War) and from then on I have Additional Science, English Lang, Calc Maths and History part 2.

    It started with the Nazi's, then onto the Holocaust, then onto German society during WW2 and then we covered everything in Year 11. So it was kind of repetitive, but they left a lot out in previous years I suppose to make up for it.
    Aren't you lucky. We've done Germany at GCSE, Year 9 and Year 7. So 4/5 years basically, hate it so much. It's so... political. My weak point is Science too, but I get the general premise for it all. Mocks for me went OK, got a C in Maths, B in Spanish/Sociology/History, A in English Lit and Science and A* in English Language and ICT (but the exam was ridiculously simple).

    Interesting. I'm sure you'll do fine nonetheless, as long as you remember the basic stuff you'll be fine. If worst comes to worst, ******** your way through everything.
    Cold War isn't too bad, I preferred it to the Germany course (not sure if you do that). I wouldn't panic so much, me and a friend only started our revision about a week before the exams and another friend started months in advance - we're currently less worried than she is with our exams. Best thing to do is try your best and go for the pass.

    AQA mainly, with OCR History and ICT as well as Edexcel Maths and Spanish.
    Aah, I see. End of year exams are alright, they want you to revise but for the most part they're pretty un-bothered. Great confidence boost if you do well though, particularly as you get closer to mocks. GCSE's are a killer though - so much revision it hurts.

    A-Levels I'll be doing are History, English Literature and Classical Civilization (or Ancient History as it's typically called). If I get 6 A-A* grades at GCSE I can do a 4th A-Level, where I'll end up doing Creative Writing.
    Hey! GCSE's are going decently. Sociology and Spanish are done (didn't like those two subjects) and next week I'll have finished English Literature, Core Science (I can't drop those two subjects though since I haven't done all the exams for them) and ICT (which I'll then have completed, so no more lessons). Which is nice because that just leaves Additional Science, English Language, History and Calc-Maths for after half term.

    Are you sitting GCSE's?
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