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  • I wish my school would take us to foreign countries. I mean, we go to Canada for band every year but that's the only foreign country I've ever been to. Admittedly, it's easier for people living in Europe to go to a different country because everything is so close but in America the options are more limited.
    That sounds very crazy... And also something that would never happen in my school at least, like we wouldn't be allowed to just stay in small groups with random families on field trips... Especially a field trip to a foreign country!
    If you were still looking for someone to clone the Mew, I could do so and distribute it to the ones who wanted one. And give you back how many you would have wanted back too.
    Hey! I saw you were offering Mew and was wondering if there was any chance I could get one.
    I am not an ROF member, but I just thought I'd ask.
    You can PM me with a reply.
    Don't worry, take your time

    I was referring to the banned thread. Your posts disappeared and you didn't know what to ban for o_O lol

    Was joking about ROF lol
    For sure :)
    What's your Friend Code again?
    Mine is 0834 2371 7806
    Also, d'you know of a third that can join us?
    I tried MMing for a shiny Pumpkaboo on Halloween, but to no avail...
    I just watched horror movies the whole time I did that, though.
    Okay, I'll add Golden Truant to your profile. Now you will never have to worry about inactivity rules :3
    I'm not caught up on Doctor Who at the moment, no. I'm waiting for this current series to go on Netflix before I watch them all.
    Hey there,

    This message is just to let you know that, in accordance with the guild rules, I as guild leader feel that aside from a few one-line posts, you have been a bit inactive recently.

    I also notice that you have a guild Ability Slot open, and was wondering if you wanted to fill that slot with the Ability "Golden Truant."
    The "Golden Truant" Ability would make all inactivity rules on you null and void, meaning that you could be as inactive as you want and never risk losing FP, Poké Coins, rank, or (most importantly) not receive this reminder anymore :)

    If you would like me to fill your Ability Slot with "Golden Truant" please let me know.

    Best Wishes,
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