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  • I edited the next video just then, and I feel as if there's a bit more enthusiasm in it, which is good. I do agree I sound a bit dreary. I'm still not used to talking aloud and stuff. I'm not the greatest public speaker either, so I'm a tad nervous about saying something stupid, but that's also the reason I'm doing these: to build a bit more confidence in myself.

    Also, sorry if this is a stupid question, but: LP?
    I hate it.

    My girlfriend says she likes it, and since you say you like it, I guess it's stacked two to one. :(

    Thanks for watching (assuming you did). Remember to like, comment and subscribe. :D
    Tomorrow, a new episode will be uploaded.
    That sounds frightfully familiar.

    And he says only if we can eat them in an octopus's garden. Ironically.
    Yeah, I definitely missed the entirety of that reference.

    Unless it wasn't one, in which case this means war.
    I bet it was Nikko Bellic. That joik is always mooching off our shopping cart in the parking lot. It's even worse, because he likes to play "baseball" with some of his victims. ]:
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