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  • Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit is also one of the best poops I've seen in awhile. Of course, I saw it before he was suspended, too. I just forgot about it.

    it wus relly funi tho 2
    That I do. Also, this is the first I've seen WalrusGuy back up, even though I checked a few times after the time expired for Colgate to do whatever.

    n wut did i do wth my convo w/ Profesco?
    What's the difference between them and regular poops. Does he draw a furry Dr. Rabbit in or something?
    I totally saw that earlier. Awesome. So, does he get to keep the Dr. Rabbit poops, or not? I never actually saw any of the ones he listed, either.
    Perhaps I will do that.

    It had some really funny parts, like the Pikachu thing in the opening, and the Britney Spears part, but he used the swearing bleep too much.
    Oh, well, that's too bad.

    No, I'll go do that right now.

    I watched Confessions of a gay pre-teen animal abuser, or whatever it was called.
    I just watched one of FoolishInnocent's poops, and it was awesome.

    I think it's worth making fifty-plus long-distance calls if it helps Walrusguy. That giraffe thing is just stupid, though. Are there any poops of it yet?
    Wow, I totally thought one of those Youtube accounts was his. I guess I was enraptured by the, "I'm back. Brush that, Colgate." at the top. The news is very exiting. Maybe we should spend all of tomorrow prank calling Colgate to distract them.
    Did you know that Walrusguy does have an alt now? No Dr. Rabbit videos yet, though. But it seems like everybody on Youtube is posting his old videos, fortunately.
    Because we like discussing crap. Its fun.
    You've got that all wrong. We like discussing poop. Ah, those were more optimistic times. To be young again.
    Oh god, you have ruined my favorite brand of toothpaste for me. But we can't let them ruin YouTube! Protest! Boycott! Burn with fire!

    I did like how they explained that shockingly, both of the parents, the mom and the dad, were giraffes. And in a surprise twist, so is their daughter. That was so educational, I almost don't want to destroy it.
    Why couldn't they have taken Deepercutt?! I tell you, the world is cruel. Toothpaste is cruel...

    and yush he is jsut cleern dat up
    As a fellow YTP fanatic, Dr. Rabbit just got Walrusguy banned. This is why hilarious or not, all pedos need to be in jail.

    Mighty mouse lol. Hes moar of a necro den a pedo.
    Nobody can't leik that. The only thing that's a shame is that he's the only rabbit pedo dentist. We need moar.
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