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    Meditite - Medicham. I think they are stealing Gallade's uniqueness because they share his type combination (even though they existed first) but Medicham is awful in comparison. And I could be wrong about this, but players have plenty of other Medicham substitutes of both Psychic and Fighting, whereas Gallade actually executes both types brilliantly so you can use him for both.
    I'd have to disagree with you there. Medicham may not be as powerful as Gallade, but at least Medicham isn't a glorified stick figure. And Gallade may have Psychic and Fighting type coverage, but there are still better monsters to use for both types.
    Gallade could be good for neji seeing as its a psychic cross fighting. The byakugan would be the psychic side aye. I was thinking cherrim for Sakura but at the same time i was thinking that new deer looking pokemon ( the first form pink one) could be well suited for sakura. And sasori i have no idea but drapions alright.
    how about?
    Claydoll - Deidara
    and yes Zabuza is a big problem, i called my dewgong haku and i completely forgot about that.
    Oh! thats great i didnt think of that. i was thinking bannete for shikamaru at first but i didnt end up doing it. Any others you can think off?
    I completely agree with your signature :3 also screw sonic, he should have been replaced by banjo. Also thumbs up on the naruto part lol also look on my profile. ive named a heap of pokemon with naruto names if you wanna have a look
    Aiding the Enemy... Doesn't ring a bell. Then again I don't remeber most dub titles...

    Just checked it on Serebii. That's still not very far behind the U.S. Only about 40 episodes... Are you on GB yet?
    Yeah your right it is college in the U.S. Also makes sense that I never see you on the PAD.

    If I may ask which country do you live in?
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