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  • do you still need comfey and bruxish hidden abilities? I do have them as well if you need them which I only trade ivs and nature breedings for exact ivs with ball choice I don't have meaning 5iv for 5iv with correct spread and ball choice I need and what you need...I was thinking ha for ha mostly atm for the ducklett...I want to make it fair for the both of us :3 if not or got those hidden abilities as well nvm i can always somehow obtain it through my trade shop later on or through someone else...sorry to bother thought I could just get a quick trade in XD
    hello I see you need alolan diglett ha sandforce which I do have would you like it for a spare breed for me to have ha hydration ducklett? I am trying to collect more necessary ha first for comp battle I don't have yet.
    Nope, not right now lol. Anyways enjoy those pokemon! glad we could finally get this trade done.
    Hi, I realized I still haven't given you the free pokemon you asked for because you never added my code. Do you still want them?
    Hey, sorry I never got back to you. My inbox keeps filling up fast so if you don't mind VMing, I'd prefer that. Anyways I can be online pretty much all day, any day (except this Wednesday and Thursday), whatever works best for you - specifically around noon to midnight PST. Looks like you still have to add my code as well (1306-6720-7342).
    Ended up getting a DWF Mincinno. So don't need that anymore. If I got any DWF you want I'll still trade them for DWF I don't have though.
    Oops. posted that to wrong uuser :D
    I can breed another DWF from my list tonight for mincinno. Or if that isn't good for you, I could you a legit, uncloned Mew from My Pokemon Ranch next week.
    OK, got the DWF Paras (Damp) bred. Avaiable for trade anytime tonight.
    FC if you need it is
    Working on that DWF paras. firts few eggs were male or no DW. But I can get it to you tonight.
    I saw your trade shop said you still had a DW Mincinno. Could we work out a trade for a female on one of those sometime too?
    yeah. still tneed that dwf corphish. What do you need? anything I got listed under my DWF is fair game. Currently out of stock on Mew though.
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