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Hey this is sparky3000, I'm a Pokemon breeder, and pretty awesome one if you ask me. I breed tons of pokemon (mostly dreamworlds) till I have every box full in one game. Believe it or not, I have 4 pokemon black games. 1 for storage all 649 pokemon (events and shinies), 2nd for storing all dream worlds, 3rd one for all breed pokemon, my 4th one is my imported black 2 which I use for move tutors.

Um I'm a bit slow when it comes to responding and breeding, so it will be a while when I get back, But also I have a life and if I get too much stress made me really ill.

Ummmm pokemon, making AMV (anime music videos), watching anime (non super main stream popular ones),
UH pacific time zone
Favourite Pokémon
Nintendo Network ID
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code
1435 5191 1996
college graduate seeking job


my fc for all games is Sparky3000 1435 5191 1996, friend safari is flying types,

I use sparky or sparky3000 in all games so it will be easier to find me on the games