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  • Hi there, I noticed you have a DW abra up for trade :) I was wondering if it was female? If it is, I have a DW scraggy if you're interesed in trading. ^^
    Thats a pretty awesome site you got there :}. Its got a nice layout and everything. You should Definitly add a pokerap song in there for the music. The one they used to do with all the pokemon names. Ill help you in any way I can, if you need help with breeding and the like.
    Thanks for the pokemon, and the offer but I dont think that I will have any time for it. I think it would be kinda rude to join a club then not contribute to it at all, ya know. Its always interesting to see what other people decide to give what eggmoves to what pokemon.
    Sorry, my internet started to quit on me. I will be on for a few hours later tonight. I will start to be on in about 15 hours from this sent message, which will be long enough for me to be out of school and off work.
    Yeah man, I still want them. I just didnt ask about them because your sick. We can trade whenever your better and ready. Get well soon, though.
    Alright, no problem. Still want to trade for the exeggcute today? sorry wrong person, Ill still trade you all of them and you can get me the shroomish some time later. :) EDIT you just trade me all the pokes whenever your ready
    Oh sorry, hehe. I think ill take the lileep, shroomish, dratini, miltank, ferroseed, and murkow. I think we agreed on seven, so you can have the seventh one free. :) I can trade anytime your ready, so if you have to breed some because your running low I can wait, no problem. Just send me a message whenever your ready.
    Sorry about yesterday, I had to take a suprize visit to town, which from where I live is a while a way. You able to trade today?
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