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  • I see. No need to worry. I actually had questions about the Outback, the Sydney Opera House, and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in mind for now, but these kangaroos and koalas sound rather fun. I remember a restaurant named Outback Steakhouse, most likely the steak, but maybe that's just my stomach talking right now.
    Australia, you say? I know of one rather tough cartoon character from that country, one Wally Beetles from Codename: Kids Next Door. Other than that, I have been rather curious about the country itself, if as part of those events outside Pokémon I referred to earlier. You see, I live in the United States of America, and I've taken a rather large interest in international politics during these first few years of the 21st century. If it helps, I consider Ash and Dawn's personalities to be substantial yet simple in expressing the ideals I talked about earlier this week, especially with regards to stopping a certain world-ending tyrant I've been tracking out of Iran for the past four years, one whose agenda and strategy, at least to me, bear some seriously eerie resemblances to Cyrus' attempt to bring forth Dialga and Palkia for the creation of a new world. Consequently, you may safely guess that my support for Pearlshipping is influenced by events in the real world.
    Greetings on this day, a day of gratitude in my home country, now that I think about it. You might be surprised at how extensively my support for Ash and Dawn's romantic friendship has been influenced by events... outside Pokémon, but in a nutshell, I see Ash and Dawn as promoting freedom, friendship, and peace between themselves and their friends for the future. Even today, I am quite thankful for this happiness that Ash and Dawn seem to express naturally between them, and perhaps you will be no less happy to support these two kids together. Are you doing well where you are?
    oh, that sounds like fun. Did you have a good time? I still have that project to do :/ and I have to work tomorrow.
    Pretty much the same.. I got tons of homework tonight, which is unusual considering the fact that I never get homework on fridays. That's pretty much it. What about you?
    Yes, I'm Espeon 114x. I'm really glad to hear you like my stories, that makes me very happy.
    hey there, dont worry about the pearlshipping thread closed, there will be a new one ok. so dont worry and wait for a while. everything will be back to normal

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