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  • Hey, I can get you a Harvest Exeggcute. It's not available in a Safari, but I can breed it for you. That's what you were looking for in exchange for your Safari, right? My FC is 2277-6776-7710, and I have Sandshrew, Nincada, and Diggersby. VM me back to let me know whether you can add me or not.
    Ah good! The Tympole is free, just let me pop in my Black version and I'll head into the room.

    EDIT: I'm in the room now.
    I can only trade after 4 pm Central Standard Time (GMT-6) as I'm not home before then. I can trade now if you're still online.
    I am available to trade any time let me know what days you are around and we can do a trade, I am available any day after5pm Atlantic time. My friend code is 369824943305 .
    Sorry I couldn't be on earlier, how about we trade tomorrow at around 6 pm your time (4 pm for me as I'm in GMT-6).

    EDIT: I seems that I have missed you, we'll have to reschedule another time to trade.
    Here's the FC to use when the time comes as well: 2838-4546-0117
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