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Feb 16, 2012
Aug 5, 2010
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Feb 16, 2012
    1. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I don't mean to be a pest, but are you still interested in Project Legends. I'm purging the roster of inactive players, and you haven't posted since being accepted.
    2. Jegretis
      Alright, you are accepted, SPBro, welcomeback! Also, is it okay if you don't post until the end of the episode? Your character could be sharing the dorm with mine, and near the end when everyone heads back to the dorm, my character will find that Ven is already in the room. Does that sound good? Ven could just say he missed the ferry to the Academy or something.
    3. Jegretis
      Hey long time no speak! Anyways, you can still sign-up if you want. There's a rule I have that anyone from the original RP has a guaranteed spot. They just have to re-post the original SU, and change up anything if they wish.
    4. Jegretis
      Yo, what's up.You haven't been active for a while. I sure hope you didn't quit the RP, Ven was Alex's best friend,lol. Anyways, please reply back, and I hope you'll stay in the Rp.
    5. Manchee
      Just letting you know, for storymasterb's Kingdom Hearts RPG it says a little below the rules that no one is allowed to have a Keyblade. js.
    6. Jegretis
    7. Slipomatic
      I can't believe you just lied to him.... Darkness that is.... He did have a requirement on RP sample.

      RP Sample: ( This will be probably the thing I will look at the most. Provide an RP sample of a battle. It can be of a battle, or contest, but make sure it is Pokemon- related.)

      Also, I would never stoop to copying one of my previous sign-up RP samples. All my sign-ups that have an RP sample are always made fresh.
    8. Jegretis
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