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  • do you have Electirizer
    i have darkira moltres Totodile with blizzerd lavitar with bite Regirock with explosion Sftealth rock
    6. Shiny Events - There are some events that are supposed to be shiny for the first person that received it, *but since there's little chance that people will trade it, it's against the rules to trade it to avoid hacked ones* (since you can’t clone a few of them Event Pokemon). Most of all.. practically all events are set to be NONSHINY, with a few exceptions This includes Mew, Celebi *and Jirachi*. In addition, note that any other event Pokémon are set to be non-shiny except for island Lugia/Ho-oh/Deoxys and hatched Manaphy. *And no, I don’t care if you can soft-resetted 53453 times for your Mystery Gift pokemon, it’s still forbidden!*
    thats the reasoning i got. others who have asked for shiny 10 aniv pokemon never got infracted or warned, these are possible to obtain, its jus unlikely given the small percentage that will have been able to get them
    i tried using that thread as justification when i asked a mod about it. they said that because its so unlikely, its forbidden because the majority are definitely hacked. ill send the pm when i find the email the copy of it is in
    personal experience. given that i have been infracted for asking for shiny jirachi several times nd it is a forbidden one, i have never had infractions for asking for shiny celebi, of which the only ways of getting an english one is 10 aniv, which is what mine is, or the bonus disc from the gamecube game
    I can offer a level 50 adamant dialga with the berry or tm or a masterball of your choice I would like a shokotan pichu.
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