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Recent content by Specialbeamcanon

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    Community POTW #018

    I wouldn't really recommend Flash Cannon. STAB+Sludge Bomb+Aura Sphere outclasses what Steel coverage would offer.
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    Looking your signature, Dewott being under appreciated is simply untrue. As allot of people...

    Looking your signature, Dewott being under appreciated is simply untrue. As allot of people prefer it's design over it's evolution for numerous reasons(even though Samurott finalizes the samurai concept by possessing swords and being a shogun). If it actually had reliable recovery for an Evolite...
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    Community POTW #109

    You say its good for doubles but not suggest Fake Out on the set? Also I would never suggest EQ due to the lack of STAB, reduced damage for being a spread move, and Ground having redundant coverage compared to Fighting
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    Community POTW #108

    Weakness Polishy Golem@Weakness Policy Ability: Sturdy Jolly/Adamant(Jolly would be preferred if running PuP) 6HP/252Atk/252Speed -Rock Polish -Stone Edge -Earthquake -Sucker Punch/Power Up Punch If your facing a passive opponent or an opponent you can threaten, polish away or PuP on a...
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    Community POTW #090

    Jafar's Evil Plot Hoopa-Unbound @ Life Orb Ability: Magician EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Nasty Plot - Psyshock - Dark Pulse - Focus Blast Typical wallbreaking set that demolishes defensive cores. Dark Pulse is the to go STAB while Psyshock hits specially defensive stuff. Focus...
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    Community POTW #082

    Thats only in singles. In doubles its much more splashable due to not taking up a megaslot reserved for popular megas like Salamence and Kangaskan. It also has a stronger Hyper Voice to spam thanks to being able to hold items and carries a Sucker Punch resistance and more physical bulk due to 95...
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    Community POTW #082

    Why is Sylveon even compared to mega Gardevoir anyway when the latter takes up a mega slot which prevents you from using other megas? Sylveon is more splashable in teams than Gardevoir is as using Sylveon opens free slots to use any mega of your choosing. Outside of being the strong Pixilate...
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    Community POTW #064

    The weakest is Poilwrath imo. It has meh abilities(also outclassed as a Swift Swimmer), stats are too balanced to be considered great, doesn't even hit as hard, and has only has Circle Throw,Brick Break, and Focus Punch as reliable Fighting STABs. And the latter 2 can be learned by 99% of fully...
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    Community PotW #063

    How can you be so wrong. If anything Metagross suffers from 4MSS after it's STABs. It has plenty of tools to use.
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    Community POTW #061

    Calm Mind sweeper Diancie@Diancite Naïve/Timid or Rash Nature 4Atk or HP(if running Timid or Rash and AncientPower)/252SpAtk/252Speed -Calm Mind -Diamond Storm/AncientPower -Moonblast -Earthpower AncientPower is the only decent special STAB option it has sadly. Although if your into gambling...
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    Community POTW #054

    How is that a con? Many types would kill for an EQ resistance and a given immunity to powders.
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    Community POTW #054

    Outside of rain, Moonblast is more reliable than Hurricane and Breloom has laughable special bulk anyways.
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    Community POTW #054

    Anything Rock-weak does not counter Breloom. They get demolished on the switch with Rock Tomb which also has a guaranteed Speed drop making it easier for Breloom to check them if their bulky. Anyway I ran this gimmicky set earlier and it's pretty scary with Sticky Web support: WAKEY! WAKEY...
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    Community POTW #050

    Wiggytuff doesn't counter Gengar at all. Sludge Wave completely destroys it.
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    Community POTW #047

    Psychic/Focus Blast/Ice Beam are still better. Not to mention they have useful secondary effects that works well with her Screen Grace ability.