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  • Happy new Year dude! :D
    My best wishes to you and your family for the new year!
    I've been busy so sorry for the late reply too :p No problemo!
    hehe TV blows everywhere dude, thanks Arceus everything is now available online...
    he.. he.. I wish *sigh*... hey! look at what you are making me say now!? grrrr!! :p
    Hey Pumpkaboo what are you doing? I told you to mega evolve!
    Yeah and the new year is coming :) BTW we haven't seen for quite a long time :) How are you recently?
    Fine thanks, and having a great holiday now :) How about your Christmas, was it great?
    Oh boy I knew that.. and thats fine :)

    Haha! Ash Ketchum, the Dragon Master, has a nice ring to it..
    Yep! Aha ^.^

    And thank you :D! I did, hope you had a good Christmas too!
    Not much, I couldnt watch more Naruto, since it just bored me to tears, and Im already done with another show named Gravity falls, so Im kinda lost right now :/

    Really sorry for the late reply!!

    Really ?? Do you not read the updates on the episodes, or see that cake that confirmed its evolution ?? ah well, well there you go, spoiler... his getting a dragon type that is a big scardy cat but wants to become strong, which evolves into it's last stage :p end of spoiler aha!
    And I'm really hoping he does, and AmourShipping becoming cannon will be the cherry on top!!
    Yeah I am sure you will soon know how strong a champion gets :)
    Pumpkaboo, mega evolve?

    Haha, I still have a long life :D Anyway have a happy Christmas and ttyl
    *grabs a loaded banana for self-defense*
    hahaha! It's jealousy...
    oh my! do you watch them on cable or online? cable here blows dude :(
    what? Ok... and then don't complain if Santa send you coal or more pics of fat chicks as a punishment!
    Oh my Wobbuffet can't reflect your attacks :O *Pokemon switch: Pumpkaboo for Wobbuffet*
    Pumpkaboo, Bullet seed! (Hahaha it is super effective)

    Yeah don't worry, you will find a "Serena" in the future. :) See you soon
    what younger audiences? Is this a prank? where's the camera? *looks everywhere*
    0:) I'm an angel you know? my clean and pure hand will never write such disgusting words...
    what? what the heck to they do the whole day? watch anime? JK dude, it's winter break so many lazy people have more than enough time these days... lol!
    did you buy my gift for Christmas? Thanks! I expect an affirmative answer I knew you were my friend! :D
    saenai heroine, i do read the manga , the plot looks something i can look into

    hehe eroge making, not suitable for minors

    as for me , i have rolling girls on the list adding whatever you just mention
    only time could tell, there's a high chance grisaia might got a second season - the game was in trilogy so i probably would expect a seson 2 or season 3
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