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  • hey speed. if you plan to get gen 5, is it possible to get some events for me? i will wait till chrome comes out. lol if it comes out then my wait is worth it.
    actually i am always here haha. more often than the chatroom.

    besides there is something i don't like going there all the time. i think you know about it.
    while ever heard of the vicious cycle of disassemble? it happened again in The Legacy. should i explain more?
    merry christmas guys and girls,
    and happy new year to all!
    but remember don't stuff yourself too much goodies,
    or else you will have to lose all those fatties!
    weeeeeee! i'm back! actually i just arrived back to my country so i want to zzz.
    Speedy, I really want to get this tourney finished. Due to you being home-schooled, is it not possible to be a little more flexible and meet doc when he is online?
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