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  • oh man. i think i missed ya logging in. by the way i will be going for a long break on friday to don't know when as i am having a holiday!
    hey i can catch up to ya same time tomorrow for me. hmm like the usual i met you in the afternoon, or night to ya? i don't know.
    ok! i hope i can catch you later at night at my side...i won't be able to see ya most of the time as i am busy studying for exams.
    you clone it or someone helps you to clone.?ah well i got legit lv70 celebi from 10 anniversary. really i have the habit to delete pokemon that i thought it isn't legit...
    speedy, i accidentally deleted the shiny celebii. if it is hack i am fine by it but what if it is legit? slap me speed!
    Hey Bud just coming to say I will be here for the whole day tomorrow since I took off from work. so check me out in the TS chat when you want to start laters.
    It has indeed! I've just been super busy as of late... it's really quite sucky.

    Also, totally weird, but you were born on the same day as I was. XD
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