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  • so it is true...hmm what good feebies!

    oh i found a shiny latias in gts. it is legit too wee!

    darkrai deserves to lose, lol i have the power of light to drive him away! hmm but sheercold is isn't, that is freezing hell lol.
    by the way, i used that team yesterday for pbr and it even defeat stupid darkrai because his dark void missed me lol.

    i heard smogon is giving away freebies. i think it is mew with timid nature. heard from millarc though.
    woo. great battle! hmm so there is a saying, never misjudge a smeargle yup! next time we battle will be standard! won't use this team because it is an ***. lol.
    oh you read my poem? lol.
    sure hope i can see ya tomorrow! now my connection is bad so no yup.
    oh yeah you did say that yup.

    but i like to go through tedious way of getting shiny ray. though i have no time to do this and i pause it for hmm 2 mths now? lol
    GUESS WHO!!!
    Why haven't you joined the new clan?
    (If you didn't already know it's Petes)
    It was fun being around you man, you should join.
    really? wow that is great! what is the full name of rng?

    hmm right now i am sending my clones of shinies to get what i want from wifi. i seen very well hacked/clone pokemon there and they are worth it lol. oh i mean legendaries.
    hmm i should drop by there more often lol. maybe in the morning haha!

    oh yes i gonna chance my name back, lol it is already 2 months old and people keep mistaking me!
    i didn't know that! but yup it is a good choice to go there and have fun!

    lol big64 man. that name is funny!
    lol. yeah you told me again. but yeah it is nice chatroom hmm hmm! are you joining the tourney speed?
    the legacy is funny because the owner is only 15 years old haha. so yeah good to be a hopper!
    yup, and i don't go there anymore. hmm good to hop around the chatrooms and see how they respond, and i found a very nice chatroom but is another clan lol.
    really? lol seen that pretty often lol. pretty disgusting if you try it haha. but really because i was not ****** of what they said, they left me alone after hmm 10 minutes haha.
    yup and they said i am a *** and go suck my ****! HAHAHA! i just love how they gang together and sprout out nonsenses. yup i go there sometimes to say nonsense too!
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