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  • What the H! Everyone was complaining about pokebanks delay and now that it is, no one even wants previous gen pokemon. Only kalos bred. Lol ya'll are wack.
    Like 40 atm. I decided that, I won't go for shiny. Currently, I am looking for a Fennekin that has a +SpA nature, and Flawless in SpA or Sp Def. If it happens to be shiny then horah! :)
    Yeah it's cold out here too! It was raining this morning, which is good, but... For some reason, whenever I wear rain boots, it NEVER rains (pours)....
    Yeah. I want to get to shiny hunting as soon as possible in gen6. I have experience in Pokeradar chaining and I heard chain fishing was really easy too. That sucks about the food poisoning. Is it really bad?
    Something new..... Hmmm... Yesterday I made a chocolate role cake with my friends for my club. I'm the club president of the culinary club. ^.^ what's new with you?
    I don't think I'll use pokebank. I don't have any pokes I'd like to transfer, so I might just download it to get the Celebi. ^.^ I really want some gen6 events, but I don't want to give up my own gen6 events, is that bad?
    I don't want to without a shiny starter! I've wasted 17 hours of my life doing that and I can waste more! Lol :)
    I ended up getting the perfect non shiny Fennekin, but I didn't like the nickname my "Friends" gave me. Therefore, I traded my poke to someone who will hold it for me and i am restarting once more. =.= Bad decision, I know.
    I'm loosing it right now. The stats say I've played 11 hours of Pokemon y just from SRing at I'm at nearly 300. I think I'll quit once I get a female with a promising characteristic. =.= I give up
    Well it's like, I'm at 200 SR already and .... I've actually soft reset for 6 hrs (Nintendo 3DS stats) and sure, I'd love to help organize stuff. :) ^.^ I'm a neat freak..... What do you need help with? If it's organizing events you can do it by gen: region and chronological time of the event or by Pokemon.
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