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  • In fact, the freezing thing was on my friend's white. I borrowed it, but it was her brothers so I couldn't delete the game. I restarted the game (without pressing the buttons to delete it) and I managed to get to elite 4. Right before elite 4 it froze though.
    Not exactly. I've played really far and then my game froze and I had to redo everything. (my ds is pretty old....). That stinks! Okay, so i'm playing white2 right now and i'm in Driftveil City. There, you can get a Zoura from someone. So i got the pokemon and i was training him, but for some reason, the graphics come up as it being a eevee...
    Yep. I just don't know because ebay has so many "sell for parts only" because a lot of them were returned or something. It's weird that they didn't test them. Well, there's the iv method/mm method in Gen6 and there's also looking through Friend's fields or safaris. As for gen5 rng, they say it's easy, but just looking at the guide makes me want to feint or something.. It's confusing. I think if I could just get rnging down, then i'd be good and I wouldn't have to look at a guide again! Sorry about that. I felt like I didn't say those things or see them so I said them again. Plus i'm tripletasking, which is a hard task.. xD As for the shop rating thing, i just ended up rating my shop myself, which I realize now was probably a bad mistake. I rated your shop a 5 and it still stayed at 3 so idk about the whole rating system.
    Me, I'm trying to do a lot of things at once. Well... I was looking on ebay and I found a few used 3DS' that i'm interested in. I'm also watching friends and playing through W2. I managed to reach half way on both of them (W2 and W). I'm hoping to finish the game soon so that I can find out how to RNG on them. Anndddd.... i'm watching friends. What anime are you watching? And... How are you?
    Sorry about that. I realize as I look back on our old conversations that I was really Gung ho about pokecheck pokes and originals..... I guess it's just because I wanted completely legit pokes? Anyway, how are you doin?
    I would, but i'm still on the first season and Hulu only has season two. Y'know (Yes, I know you may feel awkward about this) but I felt like Sebastian looked like 1. Justin Beiber (first impression) and then 2. The guy from Glee (Sam Evans). Anyway.......... It's the winter olympics this year, right? I will probably watch them, I really like the luge, ice skating, and snowboarding events. I have to go... :) See you around.
    I have neither. I have On-Demand, but we'll be switching to U-Verse soon..... I don't really watch tv all that much anymore. The shows that I watch (now) are: Friends, Downtown Abbey, and The Carrie Diaries. On the flip side, I had a lot of "marathons" of The Mentalist, Castle, The Cake Boss, Doctor Who, Cupcake Wars, Mission Impossible, and a few others. Recently, it was a "Cooking Phase" and "Criminal Phase."
    I had a phase of castle and the Mentalist and ended up watching a lot of them in a little amount of time. I didn't know about friends until my sister played it on the tv recently and now I really enjoy it.
    That's not good! I'm tempted to send over some EV pokes to my White version so that I can roll through the game, but I'm against it because I don't want to ruin the pokemon game experience, y'know? I was watching Castle, but now I'm watching Friends. Do you know the two shows?
    Aww thanks. :) You know how you were searching for Channel Jirachis? I know that Kevin24 (EragonFanatic2007 on neoseeker) has quite a lot, Golden Magikarp has his own Channel disk, and DannyB01 has quite a few. All of them are collectors and have collected a bunch over the years. ^.^
    Sorry about the inactivity... ended up being distracted by something.. Well, i see you're offline, so i'll go, but files are sent ~
    Sorry, I ended up skyping my friend about homework. Is file trading really against the rules? ....Wow.... Well, I mean, most people here on serebii aren't exactly the "Event Collectors"
    Well, I had a "Thinking face" when I read your post and I didn't know how to do the eyebrow thing so I did a wink and a hmmmm look. What have you been up to in terms of pokemon in the past year? I can't believe how much your collection has grown. I don't see any problem with posting them all on serebii (the sets), just say something like: I only trade large sets of pokemon by file- or something.
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