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  • Awesome,that's fine,can I have the photo linky(don't know the word) thing in my sig
    It rained all of July here too actually =O... And so far its rained about 1/2 of August too.. And some of them are vicious storms too
    Oh so your across the pond then :3 Im over in the Igloo country we call Canada XD... My mom's great-great grandparetns were from France i think....
    Why do you want to use it? Where do you want to use it? Will you give credit? I can't just give out my sprites, especially if I don't get credit. Please elaborate.
    -facepalm- You. Don't. Get. It. Request Shops go in the Request Shop Forum, here:
    The Fan Art Shop Forum
    If I (that's me, Spherical Ice, not you, not the jman, not anyone else, me, Spherical ice) make a thread in there, it implies that I'm (me) accepting requests. If I post a thread displaying sprites in the Fan Sprites forum, than it implies that I am NOT taking requests, but simply wanting contrusctive critisism on the displayed sprites, and therefore requests will not be accepted or fulfilled, because it is not in the Fan Art Shops forum, which is where you would make requests to me, if I made a request thread, which I have not done! Understand?
    also If you want to reply too me VM on your page click on my name to go to my public profile and leve me a comment there so I can get back too you faster
    I know there isn't one, but you aren't supposed to request in gallery threads. I'd read your VM, so there was no need to post it in my gallery, to be honest. Thanks.
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