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  • Yeah I have thought of that before, they could create like a festival or a special contest like the Wallace Cup where Dawn could come back, yeah that's true. Now that I think about it, I actually really want that to happen, Cilan could become a contests fan XD
    A new Saggitario? That's great. Finally he's getting something new. I found it a shame he didn't get the chance to become a legend blader. Danm, Yuki got it for so much less IMHO
    I should play a bigger role since he's gonna get Flash Saggitario soon.

    Now that the writers are focusing on Kenta being more relevant, I've noticed that Benkei and Tsubasa have lesser roles. But I guess that it makes up for the fact that they did have bigger roles in Explosion.
    Ah, I see. Thank you.

    Still about Kenta, I had high expectations for him in 4D/Metal Fury. After reading the summaries I realize none happened hahah

    Anyway, I'm glad the writers are trying to make him relevant again.
    I was wondering why you haven't responded. You have to click "view conversation". Don't worry I did that a lot when I was new and still do it.

    Anyways yeah, when he rejoined the team in 4D, I was happy. Then after he left the group to get stronger, I was even happier.
    Well, I think I see him not getting to be a member of the team but wow he really got the short end of the stick!

    Anyway, thank you very much for the update!
    Wow, I was expecting he'd take the seat in Explosion (actually I was sure it'd happen) but was really that bad? I just watched four episodes of Explosion because James/Masumune really got in my nerves and I didn't like the plot at all. I only came back for 4D/Metal Fury because I was curious about the outfit changes (silly reason, but still) and the OP made it look like the original "five man band" would be together again.

    But then I got tired of anime (in general), stopped everything and just sticked with Pokemon and some saint seiya here and there hehe
    Didn't feel like my response would appropriate for the thread...

    But yeah, it was that bad. He didn't qualify for Team Gan Gan Galaxy, so Kenta was left behind to cheer for everyone on the big screen. While everyone else left for different teams.

    The only time he got screen time was to say "Oh no! What's ____ gonna do now?" or "You can do it ___!"
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