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  • Your sig..... it brings back such good childhood memories....

    I wish Disney would bring back the Weekenders. Don't you?
    Ah of course, I remember that show from years ago, when Disney was creating clever cartoons, and not live action shows where they break out in song.
    Handy. Undeterred by my threats. ...Hm. If you have experience with fireworks, this can work. Beautifully.

    (Profesco's trying to make you jealous. He played with my heart. He must pay.)
    ...Is that a hint you're going to try to steal my man? Son, you cruisin' for a dislocated shoulder.

    I don't want your excuses. I've already moved onto wooing Profesco.

    However, you can still give me foot rubs. Don't forget that heat-y lotion stuff.
    You had 5 days and you still didn't make time for the awesomeness that is Regular Show? I...I'm afraid our love was not meant to be.
    I try to be the same way, but it just so happens I tend to find all the good quality ones discontinued. Except for Regular Show. That junk's hilarious.
    Or friendship, which gets the job done less than 2% of the time, but it's a lot more widely marketable.
    Whoa. You like Fillmore!, too? Together, our combined awesomeness may shine to the darkest, most abhorrent reaches of the fanfiction section.
    I call everyone man myself, but the "bro" earlier threw me off. I am, in fact, a bro-tier person, but you wouldn't know that. Unless I've gotten so awesome, it exudes to even the newbies.
    I don't know what guy would have the username "Haruka", but okay, let's roll with it, brah.

    Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. The Weekenders just makes me happy.
    I'd talk to lolipiece about that - he seems to be the one who gets around to making all the monthly plot discussion threads.

    Though all the other series are mostly stuck in their own threads(whether that's good or bad is an entirely different debate), so I don't really see much confusion potential unless someone is entirely new to the SPPf manga section.
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