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  • see you later, i also play smells like teen spirit, i even got a report at school for playing it during class, lol. and i'm like you, every1 around me loves pop -_- and i hate it. btw i also like bands like van halen, metallica, and ozzy osbourne is one of my idols
    It doesn't matters bro, nice story lol. And i'm also gonna get an electric guitar soon, it will be an epiphone les paul special 2, i have played it and its a great guitar for its price! i'm waiting to get it a bit after school starts, and since school starts next monday i'll probly get it in two weeks, but knowing my mom i'll get it in a month or two -_-
    Now i'm sorry for the long story
    I've been playing for around a year or so, i play acoustic (i'm gonna get an electric soon) and i mostly play rock from the 60s-70s (the beatles, led zeppelin, the rolling stones) and also songs from nirvana, guns n roses, etc
    yeah drooling pool is dope I think let the bodies is one of their best songs. As far as the cowboys and horses thing I live in dallas (dallas cowboys city) and their not alot of farms and cowboys out here its more iner city like but their or some. Alot of stuff is just sterio type though and ive gotten those questions b4 so I understand. Yeah we can battle ill be looking out for you 2morrow.
    thanks man that means a lot! :) I just put up a 2 part vid that was pretty funny I think so you should check it out (; lol but yeah sure man I could battle u 4th gen, I haven't in a while but why not 4th gen was fun!
    I'm realy sorry 4 ever1 who wanna battle me. :(
    I'm by my grandma and they don't have wifi here :(
    I will tell you when I'm back, probably over 2 days :(
    See ya!!!
    ja ik ben nederlands duz ik spreek het
    maar ik ben druk met school ( gymnasium 2 ) duz ik vm je wel als ik klaar ben
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