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Spirit of Darkness
Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2011
Mar 21, 2009
Likes Received:
Student in Grade 9 of the IGCSE

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Spirit of Darkness

Well-Known Member, from Dubai

Spirit of Darkness was last seen:
Jan 23, 2011
    1. darkrai-girl2
      dose anyone know how to clone pokemon in ss or platinum?
    2. L0VE
      heeey there ;) sign back

      *random sign*
    3. huray6
      Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.


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    4. shadowfan1205
      I have a corphish if you still need it. What can you trade? PM me if you want to trade.
    5. pokefreak in qatar93
    6. pokefreak in qatar93
      pokefreak in qatar93
      :) so are u arabic or do u only live in dubai ?
    7. pokefreak in qatar93
      pokefreak in qatar93
      Hey , nice to see ppl from the middle east here xD btw if you're a pokemon fan and arabic ? you must go to shaymin fourms right ? xD
    8. Thijsijs
      Kae... So I now have made them all for nothing? Could you say that a little earlier next time please (if there even is a next time... ThyVonR's breeding service at ur service!). Also, I had to be a little faster in my breeding services. Sorry for that. Happy new year BTW!
    9. Thijsijs
      Umm... Do you still wanna trade? I mean, I got the pokemanz covered.
    10. j-master
      Okay, thanks for voting. I'm going to add your vote to the list.
    11. Scrible
      Ah, no problem :D I'm terribly sorry about all the problems around it though.
      I'm thrilled to hear you got the pokemon you wanted! Happy endings are wonderful :)

      But if you ever need pokemon, remember to contact CurvedBean! He's really very good :D
    12. Scrible
      OH. MY. GOD.

      I just hatched a Modest female Piplup O_O

      It took me by surprise too... I was just cleaning out my PC box and getting rid of pokemon I don't need/want, and there was like 8 eggs left over from Piplup breeding. Since I couldn't release them I decided to hatch them and then release them. Then on like the 3rd last one it hatches and out comes a Modest female O_O

      I guess four hours pays off.... eventually xDD
    13. Scrible
      No, lol. If I wanted to ignore you I could do it will visiting the forum. I don't have to leave to ignore you. Haha.

      I often disappear from forums from time to time, everyone I know knows this :p Sorry bout that.
    14. j-master
      Okay, thanks fr your vote. I'm going to add it to the vote list.
    15. Thijsijs
      Good news: I can trade now if you want. I got all the pokemon and I hope your darkrai is ready too. You already had my FC, right? If not, it's 2363 6557 4034.
    16. Mr. BrickaBracka
      Mr. BrickaBracka
      You still standby like me?
    17. BlackBoard
      cos its full UU team its not bild to counter Heatrean thats the only one that pwns my team.
    18. BlackBoard
      lucky u had no parra hax no flinch and he had crit on arcanine my only heatrean counter...
    19. Pikachu4ever
      what do u want for ur shadow of almia riolu?
    20. BlackBoard
      Come now...
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    Student in Grade 9 of the IGCSE
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Silent, smart, calm and stubborn

    Internet, Video Games, Debating, BasketBall, Computer, Reading and Writing


    Platinum's National Dex​

    Seen: 493
    Caught: 493