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    Kae... So I now have made them all for nothing? Could you say that a little earlier next time please (if there even is a next time... ThyVonR's breeding service at ur service!). Also, I had to be a little faster in my breeding services. Sorry for that. Happy new year BTW!
    Ah, no problem :D I'm terribly sorry about all the problems around it though.
    I'm thrilled to hear you got the pokemon you wanted! Happy endings are wonderful :)

    But if you ever need pokemon, remember to contact CurvedBean! He's really very good :D
    OH. MY. GOD.

    I just hatched a Modest female Piplup O_O

    It took me by surprise too... I was just cleaning out my PC box and getting rid of pokemon I don't need/want, and there was like 8 eggs left over from Piplup breeding. Since I couldn't release them I decided to hatch them and then release them. Then on like the 3rd last one it hatches and out comes a Modest female O_O

    I guess four hours pays off.... eventually xDD
    No, lol. If I wanted to ignore you I could do it will visiting the forum. I don't have to leave to ignore you. Haha.

    I often disappear from forums from time to time, everyone I know knows this :p Sorry bout that.
    Good news: I can trade now if you want. I got all the pokemon and I hope your darkrai is ready too. You already had my FC, right? If not, it's 2363 6557 4034.
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