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Spiteful Murkrow

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  • Discord is basically the new Skype, but Discord doesn't slow down your computer nearly as much and there's both a browser and a desktop/mobile version.
    Things are going well! How 'bout for you? I've not really been on IRC as much. Every time I've logged on, no one else has been on. :( I'm on Discord a lot, or if you're still hanging out on IRC I can keep trying until we're both on. XD
    Hey, sorry I didn't show up last night. I came home from work and passed out till pretty much now. I should be on tonight though.
    So if you heard about the Summer Camp thing Tangent did for WAAPT I may have made a version for here.

    (mascot choice decidedly not inspired by nida and solovino what are you talking about)
    Answer to first question...

    As for second, I cannot get the image of a bitey disembodied Reshiram head with a Light Stone shell out of my head.
    I haven't played much yet, but it seems like they didn't slack off with the dialogue one bit even though sequels tend to get lazy. Also, I looked at reviews and it said that the game is just as psychologically scarring as the original, if not more. I CAN'T WAIT.
    Literally five minutes into HB: Holiday Star and this is happening. No spoilers. First there were pokemon references with Oko-san, now there's Hiyoko acting like Phoenix Wright.
    Sooo I may or may not have just discovered the Pleo commission and I may or may not have reacted exactly the same way you did and now that I know who did it I need to shower them in praise thank you

    On a more sentimental note...

    Holy crap, thank you so frigging much for that Out In The Cold review. I've been exhausted all day and am attempting to put finishing touches on that super-intensive thing I told you about tonight, but I'll make sure to reply in the next day or two!

    IMPORTANT EDIT: (Though I should note Yangverse!Kyurem - who I have semi-officially nicknamed Kendall as of that fic shut up - is one of the few truly agender Legendaries of the Yangverse, so you might want to change the more masculine pronouns to they/them/etc. ones.)
    You have permission to slap me if you do not get a review from me within the week. Apologies for the delay, been really caught up with a whole bunch of writing projects of late.
    I was going to inform you bobandbill said both our attempts at the Quarterly challenge were good to go but you clearly already saw. XD

    As for mine... Well, weither you've read it yet or not I'm hoping you appreciate a certain part of my inspiration for the story's made-up holiday. >:p
    All in the google doc! Most of it is done; the reviewer feature is being edited and will be posted there over the weekend by Psychic, while idk the current state of the Editor's Choice section (Creepychu has that). Early February at worst, really (original target was 1st of Feb)
    Hey just wondering if you got that PM explaining a certain something a while back?

    I'm just worried you're mad for some reason. ._.;
    Whoops belated reply!

    Sudden twists would still need to make some sense in the universe ("I didn't see that coming, but with hindsight I can see that happening"), while plotholes wouldn't. And generally the plotholes would be blatantly obvious that they didn't make sense. It would certainly be a fine line at times though!
    Fair enough there. Sounds pretty productive to me! Plotting is great, haha. I probably should have gone the unofficial nano path myself, heh.

    It was something new! Basically last few years I have had a mishmash of ideas, and I wasn't even sure if it would be a pokemon or original fic. In the end went with original. Quoting from a previous convo elsewhere: 'The setting is a world which isn't stable and actual 'plotholes' can appear and affect events - but there's a company that is in charge of eradicating such plotholes. Someone meanwhile wants to write a story and requests help with it, only for it to go horribly wrong. =D'

    Also doing a couple drabbles this month as well, but that hardly adds to a word count, haha.
    Nice to hear from you again! You've got that right. I am writing, but a lot of it is planning and getting the opening done right for the rewrite. Going okay, I suppose. Got a sizable portion done, but it might be put on hold for a combination of school-related reasons.
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