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Spiteful Murkrow

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  • Hi there!

    My challenge has... not gone well, haha. I've had a suddenly very busy November and this weekend will be wiped out as well! Haven't updated my count but it's not large. =p (I did also spend words on reviews for the contest instead, whoops. I could count those... but that's not for any story.) =p

    But I didn't expect to have won Nano anyway, and given I managed to make a start on a story I was having trouble with and done a fair amount of plotting, still a success for me! How is yours going?
    HAA drafting/planning's kinda on hold due to me going into CRUNCHTIME over prewriting a good chunk of certain ending plans for another creative project I know damn well you're familiar with. :p

    Once I'm done with that though, I'll probably start pecking away at it again, mostly focusing on resuming the outline (it's past the halfway point, but not by all that much) and fleshing out some recently-added new sections to the original planning doc.
    Oh I forgot to mention, but I got my first midterm test of this semester tomorrow morning. This means I have to leave early and won't be on tomorrow morning (or this evening if you look at it from your timezone)
    Three weeks seems reasonable, I think. If someone requested a review from you and you were too backed up to take it, you could also decline their request if you wanted, and someone else would pick it up.
    Hey there. I was thinking of starting a fic-writing challenge where people would try to write a certain number of words per day for as many days in a row as possible, and offer prizes for people who managed to get very long (nine month) streaks. One of those prizes would be three reviews from a list of potential reviewers, and I was wondering whether you'd be interested in being one of those reviewers. I don't imagine you'd need to write a review particularly often (or ever, depending on participation), but it might end up being a commitment.
    Oh, no, I started IMing people again today. I just had a really crappy week including the arm plus other sicknesses.

    (Apologies for that post in the Cafe just earlier, by the way. I was in a really bad/paranoid emotional place when I wrote that.)
    Hi! I was just about to go to bed after I worked some things out with Jax but how are you doing?
    12-13 hours sounds good. What chat you're in specifically? I'm usually in #Tohjo_steam myself but I know Butler talked to me in another chat some time ago
    You help Butler with his fic as well right? Do you guys speak each other on Mibbit? Perhaps we too can talk there once I am finished.
    Apologies for the typo, it was kinda late when I wrote that message. Anyway, I'm currently at chapter 8 so I have almost caught up with the story. Reviewing every single chapter would be a bit much, but I would love to talk more in depth once I'm finished.
    Hey there! I know we've never spoken all that much, but I recently started reading Fledglings and gotta say I'm really enjoying it. PMD stories are usually a hit or miss for me and your story is definitely a hit. I think it has an interesting backstory to it and some enjoyable main characters as well (I like Chrom and Pleo in particular).
    Oh, okay. Welcome. I really, really, REALLY liked that you added a Druddigon character. I liked how you wrote it. I'm...not very good in finding all the bad technical side of writing so I don't really offer much in terms of critique to help improve and can really only give impressions.
    Oh... I see. I can see what you mean. Yeah, I pretty much read PMD fics, almost exclusively, so...yeah. No, I didn't mean that at all. It's just that I didn't think one of the authors I like would want to talk to me. XD That reminds me... I haven't caught up with your fic. Which probably isn't a problem...but still.
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