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Spiteful Murkrow

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  • Hello Spitwful Murkrow, I saw ypur friend request and was wondering why'd you sent it... I was surprised you of all people sent it.
    Hey, thanks for your comments! Hopefully I'll be releasing the full chapter soon. If you're willing/able to read the very last scene that I should have by tomorrow/Wednesday, let me know!
    Awesome~ I'll probably give your story a read over at some point today. Expect some commentary from me as well~

    Also, I'm Ginger. XD You may have already talked to Knightfall at some point...I'm one of his friends.
    Thanks! :) Anyways, I will reply to your comments on Overthrown soon. You're mostly on point for a lot of your guesses from my characters' names.
    Oooh. I'll have to try that perhaps once I get finished with the next chapter of my story. Thanks. ^^

    Mind if I friend you? You seem like a neat fellow to talk with and of course, I believe PMD authors should stick together. :)
    Really? XD Wow, that's quite a coincidence. I'll look at that momentarily. Anyways, I did enjoy that. Though, I am curious about how you got an image for the Prologue in there. Is that a new feature, as I've never been able to insert an image into chapter posts here...
    Greetings, Spiteful Murkrow. I'd just thought I'd drop by to talk to a fellow author. Just saw your story, Fledglings, and thought it got off to a very good start. :) Don't have much time nowadays, but I decided to read your fic and was glad I did. Keep up the good work.
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