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Recent content by Spitfire1121

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    Hidden Ability Trading Thread

    Looking for a HA Starly, Female. Willing to trade a HA Poliwag, HA Stufful, or a HA Roggenrolla for 1 EDIT: Trade Completed
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    Item & Pokérus Trading Thread

    just starting out in the competitive breeding scene, in need of a Destiny Knot for breeding. Dont have much in trade value as of right now. Can Trade HA Stufful and HA Roggenrola (Both Female), and Leftovers
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    Hey guys, im looking to finish out my pokedex finally before x and y come out. Im willing to trade the pokemon back and trade dwfs to whoever can help
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    Dex Entry Trading thread

    I need some help finishing up my pokedex. Im willing to trade some dwfs for anyone willing to help me out with finishing my pokedex
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Willing to trade multiple dwfs for a shiny gastly or litwick or others. Pm for offers
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    Looking for other dwfs not in my signature, shiny pokemon, or legendaries ... willing to trade any dwfs in my signature. Pm for offers
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    im looking for a shiny gastly (mild, modest, rash, timid, nieve, or hasty nature prefered) willing to trade multiple dwfs for gastly. im also looking for a shiny tornadus (same natures as gastly)
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    #641 Tornadus

    looking for a tornadus, dont really care too much on ability or form (would like its nature to not hinder sp.atk orspeed). willing to trade a keldeo for it.
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    #327 Spinda

    Looking for a spinda that has the superpower attack. Pm with offers.
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    Eggmove Trading Thread

    I have baby natu's some with hidden ability that know drill peck and roost. Pm if interested
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    Shiny Trading Thread

    Looking for a shiny gastly (modest or rash nature prefered) does not have to be flawless
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    Trading dwfs in my signature for dwfs not for trade, shinys, or legendaries
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    Willing to trade the pokemon in my signature for dw starters, dwf not in my signature, legends and shinys. Pm for offers
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    Dream World Trading Thread

    Trading all the DWF in my signature for legendaries, shiny, or other DWFs not in my signature already. Make me am offer and ill trade
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    #236 Tyrogue / #106 Hitmonlee / #107 Hitmonchan / #237 Hitmontop

    Im looking for a tyrogue pm me for offers