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  • all right and I am on my way to Violet City and it took all day for me to get told what to do it's just to bad I did not get one from you but there is all ways next time
    thanks I am planing to do the scramble challenge on pearl and after that on white then I will try some other challenges after!
    hey have you ever done a scramble challenge before? I have started my 1st one ever tonight on SS well best wishes to the one you are doing! :)
    Well I'll try to be on as long as I can today. But I'm leaving tonight for vacation for a week. So if you don't catch me today, give it to Nato, Rezon, or Skrull. I see them in the chat every day, so it'll be easier to get it back from one of them.
    Hey Spnc. I heard that you found your game? Well I'll be at work for the next couple of hours, but I'll be in the chat tonight after 9:30pm EST. If you can't be on then to trade my poke back, then could you maybe trade it to Nato or Rezon? I see them every day in the chat so maybe getting back from them would be easier. And if not then, I'll be in the chat tomorrow morning and day before 4pm.
    Ahh yeah...that's right. You're lucky to have found that out at least! I have not seen shinies in Emerald, Diamond, or Platinum...
    Oh, okay. Sorry I was *****y in my last VM. Good luck searching for it, and let me know if you find it. If you don't, you don't have to breed me another one. I still have the parents of the last one, so I can breed them and get one that's equally good or better. Thanks for the offer though.
    You could at least respond to my VM...
    Well anyway, I'm leaving for vacation on Friday, and I want my Hippopotas back by then. I don't care if you finished EVing it or not- I'll do it myself. I've got battles to coordinate with people in the next two/three days, so I'll be in the chat often. You can find me there.
    Hey. Can we set a time to meet in the chat so I can get my Hippopotas back? I'll be around during the morning and day tomorrow until about 6 so anytime then is good. If not, then I'll be around periodically during the weekend. Just tell me when is good for you.
    i want close combat and crunch teddiursa and crunch riolu
    i offer any 2 chainable shinys(i have diamond and fire red)/events from my sig
    Hey Spncrbrrtt. Just wanted to let you know I'll be needing my Poke back today. It's okay if it's not done, no worries. Just let me know what EVs you did give it and I'll finish it up. I'll be in and out of my house all day today, but I'll always stay signed into the xat so I can check up on it every couple minutes. It's cool if you didn't get the chance to finish, I just need it back. Thanks!
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