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Mar 29, 2019
Oct 24, 2005
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Live Long & Prosper, from Vulcan

Spock was last seen:
Mar 29, 2019
    1. Spudnugget1
      I knew this would happen. I just hate myself.

      Well, I figure it's your feed or something, so none of it matters. I think it's pretty funny - I'd subscribe to it, but as I said, I don't use the Twitter.
    2. Spudnugget1
      Hey, if you have the time, I have a bit of a question.

      Why on earth are the posts threaded into a twitter feed? I found that revelation to be a bit disturbing, to say the least, since I'd rather not have to touch the place with a twenty foot pole.

      I did, however, check out the feed you posted out of sheer curiosity, and after scrolling down quite a ways, I found something I myself had posted. It gave me quite the good laugh, to say the least.
    3. Manna
      Would never usually defend that guy but that wasn't what he said in that thread.

      "Girl in first pic is a moron just for writing a whole paragraph in block caps. Poor use of English too.

      Meanwhile, congratulations to your wife on throwing away her vote on a mythical cause.

      On topic, your premise is flawed on the basis that drinking can somehow be seen as a "willing attempt" to put oneself in a dangerous situation.

      I see where you're coming from with regards to the notion of taking responsibility for the state you get yourself in but to apply this to rape is wrong. You just can't compare it to getting jacked/tripping over and smashing your nose because of your drinking. It takes personal violation to a level beyond which personal accountability can be...........accounted for."

      At least, this was after the edit. I'm not sure if something different was said before that.
    4. Chili
      If i subscribe to your channel will you say something about my posts on the picture thread? ITS LIKE IM INVISIBLE
    5. dinosaurus
      Well, if the game makes me feel anything close to what your picture does, then I'm going to have a pretty good night.

      But seriously, I'll let you know what I think.
    6. dinosaurus
      Aight.. now that I've liked it, what's the next step?
    7. dinosaurus
      Damn, you got me.
    8. Hudsonn98
      Hey, sorry for such a random VM but I saw your post with "Tita Gasman" on a chalkboard in Toronto. I'm really interested. What's the story behind this character?
    9. JoshYEAH
    10. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Anytime, I already made it for myself so it was no problem.
    11. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols

      If the link doesn't work, let me know.
    12. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Damn it, FileServe is being a pain. Will the YoYo Games website let you upload another folder? If so, I can just email it to you and you can upload it from there.
    13. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Yeah, it works perfectly! It crashed for some reason the first time I ran it, but other than that it ran flawlessly through most of World 1. I'll attach the icon for it and upload it to Mediafire or the like as soon as I can, most likely in an hour or two.
    14. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      The icon doesn't show up on a Mac - it just gives a blank file icon instead. Can you hyperlink it or something along those lines?

      Sorry for my useless operating system. =S
    15. KickAsh
    16. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Starting on the Mac port for Tita Gasman now!

      If you have an icon that you want me to use for it, that would be pretty useful.

      Also, whenever I press Escape the game closes, is that supposed to happen.
    17. TREVEN
      hi i need a dw f emale foongus anything dw female s or anything else u looking for vm asap
    18. "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome
      "Spite" DefaultAsAwesome
      Where did you find that Internet map thing?
    19. Team Legend's Dragonite
      Team Legend's Dragonite
      I'm interested in a dw foongus I can offer a liberty pass victini
    20. Foxyvulpixie
      i like the page :D cant wait for the game :3
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