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  • kay kay i'll look out for it ^_~

    yeah, thats cool ~! dont forget to add mee back~! what can i call you?

    DD: i was gonna grab it but i was 2 late ;__;

    dont worry lol ^___^ u can call mee christi or crickee coz ppl call me that irl 2 (:)

    Well I see I got your Swablu. I'll make sure she's in good hands since I'm abandoning her when I get bored of having her
    Just kidding ^_^

    Yeah, that could take a while. Maybe you should make a post asking if they want one?

    That would AWESOME. It's risky, but sure, if it's okay with you of course.
    i snagged like 3 of your pokemonz already! i was definitly gonna snag a shelder~!

    whats your facebook name? i'll add you! and i think you got my msn girlfrand~!

    I'm down in South America, so yeah your time is opposite from mine. I'm a bit late for your releases, but oh well, I have enough stuff on there anyway. And you don't need to give me a Missingno. , I already have 2 actually.

    Well... not sure if this is your last VM, but in case it is, bye.
    Feel free to keep talking if you're on though, it's just that since you're status says your always offline, I don't know if you're off or still on.
    Edit: starliteevee, I got your VM but because your profile is friend locked, I can't reply D: So, thankyou again, you have a very good heart.
    Well, you can always PM me ^_^

    And it's probably okay if that post was spam in the club, you're leaving so BA wouldn't have to infract you.

    I'm sorry you were ignored, I'm not sure how it is to feel like that on here, but you still get my sympathy. Hopefully you will decide to return someday; until then goodbye.
    Don't think you're checking the GPX+ thread again, so I just wanted to say bye to you here.

    Didn't talk to you much, though you will be missed.
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