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Last Activity:
Feb 25, 2011
Aug 24, 2007
Likes Received:
Jan 6, 1995 (Age: 24)

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becstar xoxo!!, 24

Spoinky was last seen:
Feb 25, 2011
    1. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      oh, thats pretty good. i naturally pronounced the ci as 'chi', but i wanted to be sure. :@

      thanks gurl, this will be good practise ^o^

    2. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      can you teach me the numbers 1st? they mite b easier to learn!!

      xoxoxoxochristilovesbeccashelp ^.^
    3. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      omg wud u teach me tha basics? i wanna take a class sumtime but i'll look kinda dumb not knowing at least 1 phrase! :((

    4. Sunraichu
      Marco told me :@ I've been busy a lot because of school but I'll get on later because it's the weekend :@
    5. Spoinky
    6. shiny_arceus
      I hate my school year. It's so busy :@ And I'm getting heart gold tomorrow so :@
    7. ~Silver Aura~
      ~Silver Aura~
      Thanks Yeah I remember you :) I couldn't rely yesterday because Serebii was lagging lol.
    8. Angelic Pika
      Angelic Pika
      Wow thanks! I lurk from time to time you know (:

      Missing you too~ Can't seem to catch you on msn xD

      What's up with becstar? Mind enlightening me?
    9. Sunraichu
      And, why does your sig say about pokemon when it has Evan ):
    10. Sunraichu
    11. FAIRY5556
      Hello there
      sorry i have not been here for a while
    12. Caelesti
      orly!! you went on a roadtrip? that sounds fun! nicole is rly qt she's my second favorite - hara's my first. xD
    13. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      omfg ya im ttly ok wit it !! dont worri gurl <33

    14. FAIRY5556
    15. Caelesti
      ikr Let It Go is my favorite non-single track from the album. ;) really? maybe they sampled? XD
    16. Caelesti
      ooh i have the same problem. :( (i live in the u.s) their song called "let it go" is rly good! it's probs on youtube.
    17. Shiwin
      All of your VMs start with "omg"

      I dunno I may hunt something else as I told you before ):
    18. Shiwin
      I hate shiny Gulpin sorry ): ):
    19. Caelesti
      ikr pretty girl is AMAZINGG it is my jam. btw did you listen to their new album?
    20. Lil Crickee
      Lil Crickee
      I know this pretty rave girl
      always thinkin' 'bout her
      and when she says hi to me
      butterfly's go right through me
      and when I see her dancin'
      wanna take a chance in
      getting a little closer
      and maybe get to know her

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    Jan 6, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Favourite Pokémon:


    I have left SPPf and GPX+. I will
    still be active on my LJ. Goodbye.