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  • oh, thats pretty good. i naturally pronounced the ci as 'chi', but i wanted to be sure. :mad:

    thanks gurl, this will be good practise ^o^

    omg wud u teach me tha basics? i wanna take a class sumtime but i'll look kinda dumb not knowing at least 1 phrase! :((

    Wow thanks! I lurk from time to time you know :)

    Missing you too~ Can't seem to catch you on msn xD

    What's up with becstar? Mind enlightening me?
    orly!! you went on a roadtrip? that sounds fun! nicole is rly qt she's my second favorite - hara's my first. xD
    ooh i have the same problem. :( (i live in the u.s) their song called "let it go" is rly good! it's probs on youtube.
    I know this pretty rave girl
    always thinkin' 'bout her
    and when she says hi to me
    butterfly's go right through me
    and when I see her dancin'
    wanna take a chance in
    getting a little closer
    and maybe get to know her

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