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  • Yeah, I'm okay with Geography but, meh, that's only because otherwise I'd be screwed in Geography Class.;) And I 150% agree with you on Tasmania being beautiful. Why can't you come there though? :(
    You sure you're not thinking of Florida that has Disneyworld? Hmm, though I have to admit, its nice being able to go to a Walmart without it being a two day trip. ;) Yeah, I still have an accent and people really beat on me for it.You'd think after two years you'd be able to at least weaken the accent, naw, no way, same strong accent and still getting beated on for it.:( I come from Tasmania. I luved it there, beyond all belief. I have been to Perth, pretty nice people, friendly, not bad but I was born in Tasmania and I am planning on going there to live as soon as I can.
    Howdy, Spoinky.:) You live in Austrailia? You are soooooooooo lucky! I used to live there (thats where I'm originally from)but my parents were dumb enough to move us to this crap hole of a state called California. Here its overpopulated, smelly, and there are too many smug people who make fun of my Aussie accent. I want to move back to Austrailia! :mad:
    WOOP WOOP!! Spoinky!!!! How long have these places been here? Only just discovered them.

    Hii Rizzzzzz!!! (I was told you didn't like being called AP)

    And my parents deleted MSN off my computer so I am going to install a new one tomorrow and hide it in my profile :)
    *Steals $300 High-Heel Shoes* Hi Iki and Yoshi and Golden Jirachi!!!
    I know I'm barely on but schools so busy, and I have a speech, 3 tests and 1 presentation tomorrow D:

    I usually can get on MSN & Sppf on the weekend except my brothers and sister always need the computer, my brothers in year 12 & 11 have exams coming up so they always pretend to be studying and my Brother and Sister are in their last year of Uni so they are always on aswell.

    But I'm on Now!!!!!!!
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