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  • thx indeed a lot of people ask where I got that name.
    Surprisingly, as you might have expected, it's not some kind of sick pun.
    I once saw a documentary about a special unit of the army (something wioth terrorists I think) and one of those guys' last name was Sporny. I thought that would be a funny name, and now I use it all the time. :p
    Thanks, but if I encounter a Shiny, it will probably a random wild encounter.
    I don't have much time to chain, because I have lots of work to do 4 school :)
    anyways, good luck to you too.
    Well, they had to be extremely bored to ba able to make an Pokémon as dull as Bidoof.
    Of course, giving it a secret Chain-Breaker ability is quit exciting, but also a very unpleasant surprise for us...

    And sure, I'd like to be friends
    Hi want to be friends?
    Oh bidoof was just created beacuase the makers got bored(VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY X 90000 BORED!!!)
    Well, actually...yes.
    Blastoise is BIG and SLOW, and Croconaw is SMALL and FAST, in real-life ofcourse, where a Pikachu can beat a Geodude with Thundershock(*cough*ash*cough*anime*cough), where base stats don't matter.
    and u think blastoise will just stand there like a dummy and invite u to jump on its shoulders? and even if u do ill seismic toss u and u are boomboomboom
    and blastoise wins!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Croconaw just jumps onto Blastoise's shoulders.
    Blastoise won't be able to hit it anymore.
    And, I would have genetically engineered my Croconaw, so it has the Sunny Day ability and knows Solarbeam.
    Croconaw:1 - Blastoise:0
    yeah Croconaw definetily beats Blastoise.
    dont even think bout that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    no offense but Blastoise is better than Croconaw
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