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  • You posted your reply on your own profile, dude. :p

    I didn't even know the starters' Pokédex entries were out there until you mentioned it just now. It'll be interesting to see what new attacks these starters may have. Litten's signature move could be a flaming hairball attack and Popplio's could involve water balloons. We already know Rowlet has "Leafage".

    Dammit, Popplio keeps autocorrecting to Poplin. This is really starting to annoy me. >_<
    Yeah, those types could work, though fire/poison could be a thing for Litten because it's pokedex entry says how its fur has an oil-like substance in it. This oil is what makes Litten's flames - shouldn't be too hard to then give it Acid, Venoshock, Sludge, Sludge Bomb or Sludge Wave. Some people have said it might look alike a tiger upon final evolution, which could be cool. Pyroar was such a let down, a fire-tiger could have a lot of potential.
    Rowlet might lose its flying typing, but I'm not sure what else it could be. I've seen a suggestion that it could be grass/psychic and learn things like Extrasensory and Psychic, but again there is still a 4x weakness.

    I'm really not sure what to make of Poplin. After Samurott, Dewgong and Walrein, I'm not really sure what they can to to make it original. At least with all the cats there is some variety (compare Persian, Meowstic, Liepard, Luxray and Pyroar)
    The starters looks good for my tastes. My favorite is Litten; very cute! :)

    Yeah, another Grass starter with a quad weakness is rather unfortunate. But who knows? Maybe Rowlet will lose its Flying typing when it's fully evolved?

    Yes, we do have a lot of cats floating around already, but we've never had one as a starter. We sort of already have a seal starter; Samurott is partially based on a sea lion.

    Based on the impressions I get from them, I predict that Litten's final evo will be Fire/Dark and Popplio's will be Water/Fighting.
    I'm doing okay. I got some of my Christmas shopping done. I missed the Hoopa movie premiere last night, sadly; I was too busy breeding for a competitive Fletchling. :p
    The scene with Arcanine biting Seviper isn't from an episode. Its from the anime-style promotion of Black2/White2. The Arcanine is Nate's and the Seviper belogns to a woman from Team Plasma. After this Arcanine throws Seviper into the air and Hugh's Samurott destroys it with an Ice Beam
    The trouble is that what they change isn't necessarily the right thing. What needs to change is the generic formula for the filler episodes which usually go like this - Ash & co meet a new person. The new person has a pokemon. Team Rocket turn up and steal the pokemon & Pikachu. The group catch Team Rocket. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt. Team Rocket blasts off. Ash & co say goodbye to their new friend, promising to meet up again someday, although they never will.

    I think that Misty could join the main cast again quite easily, so long as she finds someone competent to run the gym in her absence. The problem though is with what she can capture. Take the Kalos region - Ash has Froakie. It is a good assumption Serena will catch a water type, so let's say Clauncher. That leaves Skrelp and Binacle for Misty. One thing that the anime has been consistant with is that fish pokemon don't do so well on land, as shown many times by Misty's Horsea and Goldeen. This makes it unlikely that Skrelp would be seen much if she caught one.
    Ok, so there are other pokemon from other regions that she could obtain - Slowpoke, Panpour, Ducklett, Wooper, Vaporeon and so forth, but this sort of negates the value of going to Kalos - why not just journey though the other regions and catch them there?
    There is the potential for some of Misty's older pokemon to evolve, but Horsea & Goldeen are the most likely to & they'll still have the same problems with battling on land as before.
    Psyduck is unlikely to evolve, Azurill certainly has the possibility of doing so, but after that the only real change that the old team could recieve is Gyarados mega-evolving. Unfortunately I am starting to think the chances of Ash ever getting a mega-stone are getting less and less, especially with the upcoming special for mega-evolutions seeming to suggest that for the most part mega-evolution will be a side story to the main series. And if Ash doesn't get a mega stone, I doubt that the rest of the cast would.
    I pretty much agree. Sometime changing things is desirable to prevent monotony and bring dash of fresh air into show. To stray away from repeated patterns and try out something new. But yes there indeed exist difference between trying to be creative. And changing something for hell of it without taking in account long term consequences this might leave on narrative, characters and flow of someone growth.

    Its abit bizarre actually how we somehow are in agreement over most things happening in pokemon lol. Only thing where our opinions differ is i guess in me wanting that Misty plays important role in pokemon again joining main cast through imo very logical sequel of her story being interested to see her in today format and follow growth of somewhat experienced and tough,girl for a change serving as unexpected twist while embellishing on plot through her strong, interesting personality. While you are skeptic on that idea,.

    But in everything else we seem to agree on. I guess its true what they say. Great minds do think alike, hehehe.

    p.s., Btw sorry for this random question, but i have been trying to figure out from which episode is that scene of Arcanine biting Seviper and i cannot remember. Could you tell me?
    Granted this did happened with Iris and Dragonite in trying to find common language and earn its thrust too through Junior Cup(insult to world cup from games),m but whole hinterland of cirtcumstances under which Iris obtained Dragonite came of as forced and badly timed. Making me believe how on good part Iris uograde to champion status in BW2 games influenced this with writers deciding to do quick power up to better reflect image of her game counterpart.

    As for Emolga last battle she took part in was in club tournament when defeating Sawk. Unless you count training battle vs Ash Sewaddle, vs Tr or wild pokemon like Durant as proper one. About Excadrill last real match was vs Drayden. Unless battle vs Team Plasma Grunts counts.
    I guess reasoning behind this was because of bad pacing at which Iris character development and work toward dragon master path went. In first half of BW writers barely did much with Iris in that regard just to later realize how they didn't developed her character and pokemon team much when Bw series entered its later stage. Deciding to do shortcut in having her obtain fully evolved pokemon right of the bat and try to become better in understanding dragon feelings and their nature through his presence. It was rushed and sloppy writing and if it didn't came out of blue perhaps people would be more amicable toward Iris getting third stage pokemon if there existed some build up , whole arc made of Iris trying to earn Dragonite sympathy joining her. But past cannot be reversed and it happened what happened unfortunately.

    I just wanted to say how i agree with everything you said over Iris Dragonite. Now that i think aboiut it its true, ever since Dragonite became obedient listening to Iris he started losing with her skills i suppose not being in line with Dragonite true potential and strength. Yet for some reason people often acclaim Dragonite wins in Junior Cup as reflection of her skills?

    Weird in slightest since if im not mistaken Dragonite wasnt listening to her at all there.
    Its true, its nothing to sniff at.
    Problem is for how long Misty should be staying at gym which isnpt among her interest as "life calling" though? Issue in here isn't whether at gym Misty can improve as trainer and become better, but more in gym not being able to bring her closer toward title of becoming water pokemon master or making her E4 material in strength and compatibility with your own pokemon.
    She didnt choose to be gym leader for rest of hr life going by what was showed, taking it over out of obligation and necessity while making clear how she has her own dreams to follow being saddened about sisters irresponsibility and disappointed how she dont have anyone to rely on in case of wanting to leave and advance forward(question is why writers portrayed her that way?). My guess is because thery werent sure back than if they would by some chance bring her back leaving her plots unresolved,not establishing what path is character going to follow in future to have easy way of reviving her role in anime.

    Misty considers gym as job(she always viewed it like that), and deserves to be more going in line with her spirited and competitive attitude.

    Not to mention i really don't see anything wrong in Misty leaving using collected knowledge at gym and increase in selfawareness she gained there to help her out in future ventures of stepping up as trainer going on higher posiution following Wallace and many other powerful trainers footsteps, breaking new grounds from what Whirl Cup established promoting herself worldwide and going through special training in vain of becoming E4. While enjoying in her brash, feminine and vibrant personality full of life going in new, thrilling adventures,renew on friendship with Ash remembering both good and bad times emphasizing on unity and continuity as whole. I see Misty return only as benefit, rather than hinderance to character.

    Though if you feel different i understand and respect that.
    Hi my friend, hope my response didn't angered you or anything. I just try to be realistic and looking back on what was showed regarding whole Misty career i simply donpt think hoew staying at one place is ideal option for her not having chance to accomplih what she wanted that way . Especially when character itself expressed desire of rather wanting to travel judging by crcumstances under which she left cast and later stay filling for sisters mainly because of their laziness.Its writers faiult for leaving certain things undefined and uncleared for Misty future and dreams resulting in heavily unresolved story and unset path for character to follow, but based on other water experts and tournaments everything points out in traveling being required.

    No hard feelings because of what may appear to be slight disagreement in our views, and hopefully our friendship wont be undermined because of this. Because i respect you alot as person liking to talk with you.
    Also in order to achieve title of water master canon directly oroved how traveling, meeting other experts and entering prestigue tournaments like Whirl Cup is pretty much a must. Going by what prof., Elm and sea priest Maya commebted on iuts connection to "sea heroes"(Japanese;convoluted form if water master).
    At end of the day though gym still prevents Misty from accomplishing her dreams if she never hits road again. Since in order to reach strength of E4 member and obtain such position traveling is still required to train and learn about more profine ways of battling and strategy needing to shift your abilities to much higher level, but also pass various tests in form of competitions and evaluators to asses your strength and if you are eligible for such position.

    So even in that case leaving gym for long period is required.
    This can be noticed with Wallace who before becoming champion still left his position of gym leader to train and prepare for challenges which gave him pass to pokemon league and right to fight for champion title. Even in Koga case it was stated in game cannon how three years passed after leaving gym and becoming E4 implying how he went through some sort of quest existing tasks he needed to pass.

    Misty game counterpart in Gold, Silver after battling also states how she is planning to leave and travel in future too to become stronger trainer.

    Because at end of the day:
    Logically by traveling and observing all kind of new pokemon in their natural habitat, exploring various places and having chance to come across rare, hard to find water pokemon, entering events with high competitions which carry out your name on global basis and battling other water experts and stronger trainers than you find at gym she would be able to learn more and have bigger chance to be noticed and recognized for your abilities. Gym can help serving as "stepping stone", but in order to move on and bring your experience to higher level advancing forward hitting road is needed for all reasons above.

    Otherwise it would just hold Misty back, and in anime canon characters which travel have more opportunities to return than those tied to one place.
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