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  • Oh so in your version Misty dream would be to become gym leader living up toi Daisy? I see, i think now i understand and it does seem like viable idea(gym leader in training). Although personally i find based on Misty competitive fire and adventurous spirit how becoming water master becoming famous like Wallace entering strong tournaments or becoming E4 member apprentice first would be more fitting for her persona wise. And it would better fit with games to sense too, since her game counterpart actually planned to leave her place to travel and battle sronger trainers aiming what appears to be possibly E4 place worshipping Lorelei.

    p.s. Than again if i was in charge i would probably bring back Misty to main cast for one more ride lol. Not following rookie but experienced and competent girl going on bigger, better things through sequel for change which never ever happened so far.
    While enjoy in her personalities and see her go in new, exciting directions with all effort paying of going somewhere and experience all those fun antics and appeal she brings in staying alive.
    Making so that current experience and learning at gym could have served as stepping stone for her to eventually go on journey to continue pursuing her dream of becoming top class water trainer after Daisy becomes more responsible.
    Than again im probably greedy for wanting such thing.:D
    Hi, i just had to come in and say that i enjoyed in reading your poost in "if you were in charge of anime" thread. That was beautiful and well thought out poiece of text containing many creative ideas and better solutions than writers gave to us instead. I only found pointless Misty passing exam to become Cereulean gym leader since she was already leader when meeting Ash leaving gym to pursue goal of becoming water master and become top water trainer. In my opinion that seems like going back to square one(which writers kinda did given how resuming post she already had which cant make you water master left many people disappointed) with much more satisfying outcome being to become powerful water trainer apprentice working under them to become E4 one day. Or follow Wallace steps in attenting prestigue tournaments like Whirl Cup to promote yourself worldwide, battle other experts and come closer toweard title of water master.Which ios criucial judging by what sea priestess Maya mentioned aboiut whole Alpha Omega of water types.

    But aside from that beautiful, beautiful post agreeing with most of it. Especially over Iris becoming Ash rival instead which would fit her characterization and position in anime much more than what we got instead.
    I also prefer them to have at least some level of consistency. Having more than four moves is fine so long as those moves stick around for at least a little bit. The original series was especially bad for this - look at Pikachu, Charizard and Snorlax in particular. Pikachu used Double-Edge, Tackle and Leer one time each (two being moves that it could never learn), Snorlax had Headbutt, Mega Punch, Mega Kick and Tackle, and Charizard... well, Charizard has exhibited 18 moves during its time in Ash's care, with only Flamethrower, Dragon Rage and Seismic Toss ever being used with any level of consistency. The rest got one appearance each.
    To me that's kind of dull. I much prefer movesets like Infernape, Gliscor and Palpitoad - set, varied and strong with the rare change made. Six or eight moves would be fine, so long as they stay.

    That's fine about fanfiction. It's just that I've been been doing a rewrite of the Indigo League over of fanfiction.net and thought you'd might want a look. I'm trying to build on Misty's character a bit, have Ash learn his lessons and include the two Pallet Town trainers who started with Bulbasaur and Charmander.
    And it's not just fire types.

    Alright, water types tend to switch it up more, but the odds of one having Water Gun are rediculously high compared to the chances of it having Brine, Scald, Waterfall or Muddy Water.

    Also, since Hoenn Ash's flying types have usually ended up with both Quick Attack and Aerial Ace. I was so disappointed when Unfezant got Aeiral Ace, given that it could have gotten something like Sky Attack or even Acrobatics. I maintain that the reason that everyone thought that Noctowl was so cool when it returned for the Sinnoh league was that neither Quick Attack nor Aerial Ace were in sight, and it was hugely refreshing to see.

    And it's also the norm for an electric type to have either Thunderbolt or Thunder, a psychic type to have either Confusion or Psychic, a grass type to have Razor Leaf, a ghost or dark type to have shadow ball and an ice type to have Ice Beam.

    I don't mean to rant on this subject, but I perfer it so much when pokemon display original moves rather than the ones that all other ones throw out.

    And that, to me, is why more moves would be a problem as it increases the liklihood of these moves appearing again and again.
    I don't have a problem with pokemon in the anime having more than the standard four moves (I am a fan of the us being allowed to have more for our pokemon in games) but just so long as Ash is granted that same luxury, which he hasn't since mid-Hoenn if not earlier.

    If there is one big problem that I have with adding more moves is that they already struggle to be original with moves that give pokemon. More moves just increases the odds that more moves will appear over and over.

    My biggest gripe here with fire pokemon. It seems to me that any fire pokemon in the anime must learn Flamethrower. Its a strong move but I get fed up with seeing it. Ash is the worst culprit for this, but it happens to just about everyone in the anime. In fact, I think that only two significant fire type pokemon owned by a reoccuring character to have not had this move: Gary's Arcanine and Ursula's Flareon. So far all of Ash's fire types have known this move (Tepig avoided it for a long time but then let itself down), May's Combusken avoided it until one of the films, then there's Brock's Vulpix, Gary's Magmar, Paul's Magmortar, Virgil's Flareon, Bianca's Emboar, Tucker's Arcanine, Dawn's Quilava avoided it until Unova, Trip's Lampent, the list goes on.
    It's not just fire types - Misty's Gyarados, Iris's Dragonite, Drew's Flygon, Cynthia's Garchomp....

    The list goes on and on, and all the while I'm sat there thinking "Someone use Fire Blast for a change!" Yes, other fire type moves appear, but it's really rare. Incinerate, Blast Burn and Fiery Dance have never been seen in the anime, while Lava Plume, Flame Burst and Inferno have all had very little focus at all. Also Ash has never owned a fire type that learned any of those moves, or Fire Punch, Fire Blast or Blaze Kick.

    For me is much more exciting when one of Ash's pokemon learns a fire type move that isn't Flamethrower, like when Quilava's Eruption, Torkoal's Heat Wave, Pignite's Fire Pledge and Infernape's Flare Blitz.
    Maybe mate, but thing is how in many OS battles and to extent in Hoenn it was more practice rather than exception to rule for pokemon to use more than four moves per battle. I mean if you ever watched battle between Gary Umbreo and that guy with Alakazam who used 7 to 8 moves in one battle you would know what im talking about. Clair Kingdra in battle used 5 attacks, Misty temporary befriended Golduck knew 6 attacks, Flannery Macargo used 5 moves, so did Frontier Brain Tucker with his Swampert(used 5 attacks in one battle). Etc, etc.

    And to be honest it felt much more realistic that way, because pokemon are portrayed as inteligent creatures which are capable of cognitive thinking, planning and learning(some even on human level, or above in their memory capacity). So if they are apparently so smart , trying to force in anime games policy of "four move clause" not only takes away from originality and artistic liberties writers should have in treating it more like its own story,but also demeans their intellect and mental abillities making it seem like they aren't capable of remembering more than four moves at once. I believe with bigger variety with pokemon being able to use all moves he learned i believe makes things more intense because you can never know what might be throw at you having to adapt and plan ahead. Which means more detailed and varied battle. Sometimes seeing same four moves repeated in one battle makes things highly repetitive and rather boring in my honest opinion.

    p.s. Oh fanfiction? Nah mate im not that much interested in this sort of things, and due to increased capacity of work and problems going currently in my life i don't have much time for it. I usually have more spare time during Summer though, so in rare cases i make exceptions than. But i warn, those are highly rare situations.
    Many people say how becoming E4 or being taken as some powerful water trainer apprentice(like Lorelei)would be nice material to make story arc out of it and good way to wrap up character being as closest as shes possibly going to get in achievement of her dream.After all E4 are best trainers which use one type in world.
    I know itll never happen but i would like to see her join Ash to main cast or at least play recurring role like N did having writers their story path intertwine with anime main plot through which they can both contribute to nain story while developing themselves and growing forward through it.We could get so much great development with her(like struggling where she diud wrong learning hoiw to extract fullm potential of pokemon on surface like Psyduck, meet Surskit which is half bug causing breakdown and dilemma of whether to like or hate it given how much she despise bugs, introduce deadbeat parents which could be worldclass water experts causing in Misty insecurity of failing to live up to their standards invoking rebellios nature wanting to prove them wrong reviving bad memories of being left alone and neglectd by older sisters in her early age). Misty has so much potential to be done so much more.
    Its incredible that first pokegirl which brought so much to anime, is part nof most recognized group(original trio)helping that anime becomes even popular in first place and holds such big popularity hasn't returned for 8 freaking years (thats outrageous). Being threw away and forgotten like trash. She doesnt deserve to continue to rot in that gym until the end of the series
    But ok with thought that all of older moves are kept, here are some new ones i would like to see.
    Staryu: Gyroball, Cosmic poewer and waterfall.
    Starmie:Thunderbolt, Blizzard and Psxchic.
    Goldeen(actually i don't mind if it doesn't evolve, i kinda like its design and elegance):aqua ring, mega horn, maybe psybeam.
    Horsea(definitely evolve to Kingdra):dragon pulse, twister, agillity, giga impact, hydropump etc.
    Psyduck(in a way i kinda wouldn't be opposed to evolution if it remained that same goofy, clueless pokemon), but on other hand yellow duck is too icoic in this state to evolve: maybe brick break water pulse and rocksmash.
    Politoad: ice beam, hydropump, protect, hypnosis, toxic, earthquake would be nice too.
    Gyarados: ice fang, bulldoze, hidden power.
    Luvdisc: safeguard, attract, water pulse,rest and facade.
    Azurill(all the way to Azumarill): bubble beam, hyper beam, double edge, focus blast.

    From new ones: Milotic, Jellicent(it would add more versatility), Swanna, Phione, Clauncher, Quagsire, Floatzel(screw Ash, it would be cooler for Misty to have it) and Tirtouga(oh how i could forgett, Tentacruel too, she was absolutely crazy over getting one multiple times).

    All this talk makes me miss Misty even more.:(
    Anime is nowadays really deprived of flamboyant, fiery and humorous dynamic she brought bringing more emotion and depth in character interactions than any of future girls in my opinion.
    True i wish Misty kept Starmie with her during journey, but i guess writers figured out how since she had two pokemon of same specie it would be redundant to continue having both. They probably ditched Starmie to open up space for Misty's new pokemon to come too, since she had 6 at that time. Still Staryu was amazing and i wish we got to see it battle more than it did.

    About Misty pokemon why not keep all of their older moves and learn new ones? Bigger variety leads to more intense and unpredictable. I mean during OS it wass pretty much norm fior pokemon to have at least 6 to 8 movers used in one battle lol. Remember Ash Kingler vs Mandy? Or freaking Dragonite from Drake who used 10 moves in Orange league?

    Even in newer sagas "four move limit" norm was broke with Misty Gyarados in one episode using 5 to 6 different moves, Dr. Abby and her Delcatty from Hoenn used 6 to 7. May Glaceon in Wallace Cup knew 6 moves, Pail Electivire around 7, Cameron Riolu in league used 5 moves etc.
    Making me believe how in anime pokemon don't necessarily forget moves, but their older moves often gets disused over time in favor of applying new moves. Not using older attacks in most cases, unless depending on circumstance is needed.
    And some of older moves like for Misty Gyarados are way too precious(he knows protect which is really helpful to defend, especially against electric moves with most of them falling down after two thunders unless in rage mode ).Not to mention twister and Hyperbeam, both moves which can quickly knock down most of pokemon out there.

    You know what always frustrates me mate when Misty pokemon are brought as subject?

    Fact that her Staryu is sooo incredibly underrated. That thing proved to be extremely resistant, fast and agile being involved in several rescue missions coming in light of excellent swimmer. It defeated Marina Tentacruel from Orange islands with just one swift(you know that star attack), regularly defeated James Weezing, Victreebel or Jessie Arbok with no problems and in third movie unlike Brock pokemon which were quickly brought on ropes. Staryu holded its own ground against Molly Mantine(bear in mind how because of Unown Molly pokemon were double stronger than they normally would be). Impressively resisting whirlpool and bubblebeam going full on in clash with manta ray pokemon.

    It aslso had very powerful water gun almost knocking down Ash Chikorita in battle for Totodile if it wasnt for luck on time digging heels in ground to alleviate blow. His double edge was possibly strongest attack quickly finishing of opponents with one hit.

    That starfish pokemon is one of Misty's best ones imho, and yet incredibly underestimated.
    Thing is Misty was gym leader from very start when followed Ash in Kanto as confirmed in 7th episode, "Totodile Duel", third pokemon movie etc leaving it to pursue goal of becoming water master just to be forced to go back to gym again. If at gym you can become master or it would be possible to come closer toward such dream, Misty wouldn't leave it though to pursue her dream being first contradiction in here.

    Her goal as it was showed requires traveling,meeting strong trainers,exploring new regions and learn about pokemon in wild along with advancing it through tournaments.
    I mean it was established in original series how title of water master means becoming best water trainer in world. For same reason Whirl Cup was introduced as one of such competitions where you can gain more experience,make step forward and prove yourself to others. We just never get more intel since Misty left cast.

    So considering how in order to become water master and progress forward traveling, entering tournaments and learning from other stronger specialists netting you ticket to be recognized and renowned to wider group of people is required. Having her leave on journey to end up promoted as trainer and expand on her abilities putting to test things she learned by now would be logical way for progression. Because by entering popular events showcasing your skills to trainers all over the world, traveling across regions meeting variou experts would allow you to become much, much more acknowledged and noticed for your abilities along with being able to learn about more complex, creative ways of battling than its case at gym .
    Even in Koga case it was stated in game cannon how three years passed after leaving gym and becoming E4 implying how he went through some sort of quest existing tasks he needed to pass.

    So i agree how gym can help to learn some things, but to become more stronger and come closer toward her dreams traveling to step up as trainer is necessary.
    No hard feelings my friend for small dispoute we had in Ash thread? Hope i didn't annoyed you in any way and if i came of as condescending in any manner please do accept my apology.

    I just felt need to explain why gym position isn't way(enough) to become water master since it shoots for much higher level of knowledge and competence in trainer sense reaching E4 heights or following Walace footsteps,
    along with there definitely existing potential to do much more with Misty dreams, flaws and unexplored things about her in case she ever got continuation to well lets be honest unfinished story. Something we came to agreement when we talked for first time though PM's.

    Once again sorry if i came of as rude, arrogant or snooty because that was never my intention.
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