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  • Hey Spudnugget1. I've been trying to find traces of SecretMew's "Adventures of the Regi Trio" and i found you mention him a few times. I accidentally deleted my collection over a decade ago but if you happen to still have a copy please let me know if you're willing to share :)
    Hey man, you sent me a message in January. I come on the forums from time to time just for memories sake. I don't remember hardly anything though :(. Although shall send you a message anyway. Main reason I don't come here anymore is since I quit pokemon ages ago although still a fan of nintendo and play their games. Currently waiting for smash bros to come out on the wii u. Who knows when I will check the forums again but will be sure to send you another reply if you see this.
    Note to contacts: I'm not dead, just going through a bit of a literary revelation.

    Should be back in a bit.
    XD That gave me a quick 60-second laugh.

    Can you explain the internet in Pseudo-scientific sentence structure?
    Ok, I got the little excerpt. It was interesting!

    Now... explain some more nonsense in Pseudo-scientific sentence structure so I can laugh uncontrollably. XDD
    Excuse me if I'm misinterpreting this but... Emotions, in this case, affectionate emotions send up your heart rate in terms of Love?
    Wow o__o" You actually don't know.... Umm... Why would the heart beat rapidly when you feel love for someone?

    Oh, I accidentally did that, sorry ^^; *sends FR*
    XD That took me half a minutes to read. Considering that is true, then why is the heart known as the "love muscle"?
    BTW, Could you explain the emotion and feeling of Love for me in Pseudo-scientific sentence structure? Please? ^-^;
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