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  • Dude, that is brilliant idea. Though it is easier to troll them if you say: "God doesn't exist and the Bible is like a book full of fairytales." But i guess that's a little TOO offensive, haha.
    I'd train a whole team of Pokémon #666 and battle them, just for the sake of trolling.
    Pokémon #666 would be interesting to see. The reaction of Christians to that particular Pokémon as well.
    Umm... I've been doing great myself, I haven't played Pokemon in weeks... I've been very busy with the Shipping Thread, Creating my Guild, Mentoring people in the Arts of Competitive Pokemon. Also, I've friended all the Competitive Pokemon Mods except for Ragnarok...

    Other than that, things have been going awesome around here! The best thing about it is: NO DRAMA!
    Thanks. I don't think i'll be leaving here either. As for the games, i enjoyed some of the legends in the game. The one about the two heroes of Unova, the tale about how Groudon and Kyogre nearly destroyed the world with Rayquaza stepping in to stop them. I liked it when they split the physical/special moves to how they work now, it makes much more sense this way. But the 6th Gen... Some of the graphics may seem nice, but by now... It seems like all Game Freak cares about is freakin' Pokédollars. Instead of creating games about the Gens that already exist, they choose to make a crappy next Gen game with poorly designed Pokémon. I might not quit Pokémon, but i sure will stop buying any newer gen games.
    Yep. We won!

    XD That's funny.

    I'm surprised myself! But we actually won! There's absolute ZERO drama! =D

    That's alright, it just took me 30 seconds to read it though. XD;
    They didn't do anything about it, but after we started to speak of reporting people for starting drama, it all just immediately stopped...

    They probably didn't even get the PM you sent...
    Sheesh, that VM was long...

    Anyway, I'd like you to know that all that [General Chat nonsense is cleared up. As well as the Drama that went on here, is cleared up as well. Thanks to the "SPPF Online Drama Act".

    It's kind of odd... A lot of people have been quitting Pokemon since Gen VI's announcement...]
    Dude, wanted to let you know that i know how you feel. I too, am considering to quit Pokémon.
    Yeah, probably. You only get noticed if you post a lot, or have enough really good posts. I can't say I've ever associated turning to this site due to any real-life issues besides boredom, though. Maybe that's your problem! And no, I don't see how spending money to register for a forum could ever be worth it.

    I see. I don't think Domino's is good, either, but they were just airing a bunch of commercials where you buy two $6 pizzas and get a $5 coupon, so I was just wondering. I've never tried Little Caesar's, but it sounds like I should keep that up, huh?

    I don't know for sure. I think that it would be, though, at least if you use Mibbit or whatever, since it works in your browser. If you download a program, and they don't offer different versions, I guess you're taking a risk.
    Oh. Well, I can't really be bothered to remember who I'm replying to in a situation like that, unless I already know them. You must just not post much, then, or at least not in Misc. Usually if you're a vet, though, people are all over your nuts.

    What doesn't 4chan blow out of proportion? Also, was that Domino's with their little coupon deal, by any chance?

    The General Chat Thread isn't going to get locked or deleted or anything, if that's what you're talking about. Well, I won't be there, but I'm sure #SPP-Misc would be glad to have you. I don't doubt that they're decent people to talk to, it's just that making a thread read like a chat log is totally unacceptable, and obviously we're going to lash out at it.
    What style? Who are you and what are you talking about? Am I being Punk'd? Where the **** is Ashton?

    imo, clubs isn't all bad, as I've been in a couple over the years, but not making hundreds of spammy posts in a matter of hours should really go without saying everywhere on the internet. And that's the problem here.

    No, Spp-Misc. is a chatroom run by JoshYEAH and not in any way officially affiliated with Serebii. I've only been on briefly a couple of times, but most of the cool people here are regulars there and I hear that it's a pretty cool place, so make of that what you will. (if you're interested, further details may be found on the first post of "i continue to **** up and embarrass myself in this pitiful **** life i've been given.")
    sorry i dont have the time to answer your queries atm but why not try again later
    Yeah, AquaWarrior unfriended me as well... I'm shy to send him a FR...

    I'm REALLY shy about sending Ragnarok or Blue Harvest a FR. Are there any mods you're looking to friend in the future?
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