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  • Right, well it didn't say that Flygon had been claimed.... Whatever. It's not important anyway but thanks for telling me.
    You have the wrong claim form... it should have 3 dashes (---), also that like 8 people before you have already asked to claim Flygon & they have the correct form.lol
    If you just build a team with lots of pokemon which don't have specific roles, there will be a lot of situations you won't be able to handle. You could have the best starter in the world but with a non-purpose team, you still wouldn't win against anyone who knows what they're doing. So I strongly reccomend putting some purposes in there, then I'll try and help you out with Lati. :)

    God bless :)
    I don't have any roles for my pokemon apart from latios who is my starter, that's what i need help with the most
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