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Nov 26, 2013
Aug 18, 2010
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New Member, from UK

spy888 was last seen:
Nov 26, 2013
    1. bushie
      send message later when ready
    2. winstar99
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    3. -Unicorno-
      i see you are offering the TRU arceaus i have a TRU haymin and other pokes
    4. flareon tamer
      flareon tamer
      I seen you are offering the crowned Sucicune. I have a LV.52 TRU Shaymin with pokerus up for trade.
    5. Vp Chaney
      Vp Chaney
      well not currently, I am off to a class in about 10 minutes, but when I get back I can if you ask which one. Also, I would not mind a rotom, shieldon or a leafeon if you have - I can give you another HG pokemon for them as well.
    6. Vp Chaney
      Vp Chaney
      I can currently bread any one on your list.
    7. Vp Chaney
      Vp Chaney
      I could offer most of the HG pokemon for a phione.
    8. dopefish
      im in wifi chamber
    9. Team Legend's Dragonite
    10. Team Legend's Dragonite
      Team Legend's Dragonite
      hey saw that you have some spiritomb up for trade just wondering what you would like for 1
    11. GhostMaster
      Lol i have platinum so some of those pokemon i have or had.
    12. GhostMaster
      srry man its low level. But do u have anything else ur offering?
    13. GhostMaster
      What u do u want for probopass? wats the level?
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  • About

    Favourite Pokémon:


    FC Black 2 : 4084 3742 5998

    Main wants:
    SUM2013 Dialga & Palkia

    can offer any:
    ALL ARE LEGIT UNLESS SPECIFIED(pm if you need more info)

    lvl 70 mewtwo
    lvl 50 TRU Manaphy
    lvl 50 & 30 Shaymins (movie11,Ranger,pelli11)
    lvl 45 Lugia
    lvl 100 japanese Kyorgre
    lvl 50 Groudon
    lvl 72 Rayquazza
    lvl 30 Shiny japanese movie Entai
    lvl 70 Shiny Dialgia
    lvl 50 Shiny birds ( Zapdos,Moltres(very small amount of xp), Articuno(nicknamed"iceicebaby"))
    lvl 100 TRU arceus
    +many black/white legendaries

    unkown legitimacy:
    lvl 1 girantina
    lvl 27 Mystry Mew

    other Shinys:
    RNG lvl 1 ut snorlax
    RNG lvl 1 jolteon & Flareon with egg moves

    lvl 1 glamoew
    lvl 1spiritomb
    lvl 1 Chimchar
    pm for more info
    UK based