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Favourite Pokémon


FC Black 2 : 4084 3742 5998

Main wants:
SUM2013 Dialga & Palkia

can offer any:
ALL ARE LEGIT UNLESS SPECIFIED(pm if you need more info)

lvl 70 mewtwo
lvl 50 TRU Manaphy
lvl 50 & 30 Shaymins (movie11,Ranger,pelli11)
lvl 45 Lugia
lvl 100 japanese Kyorgre
lvl 50 Groudon
lvl 72 Rayquazza
lvl 30 Shiny japanese movie Entai
lvl 70 Shiny Dialgia
lvl 50 Shiny birds ( Zapdos,Moltres(very small amount of xp), Articuno(nicknamed"iceicebaby"))
lvl 100 TRU arceus
+many black/white legendaries

unkown legitimacy:
lvl 1 girantina
lvl 27 Mystry Mew

other Shinys:
RNG lvl 1 ut snorlax
RNG lvl 1 jolteon & Flareon with egg moves

lvl 1 glamoew
lvl 1spiritomb
lvl 1 Chimchar
pm for more info
UK based