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  • I don't talk too him anymore because I gave him an account too apologize but he started trolling on it so I changed the Password and got it banned. He hasn't talked too me since he raged and stopped emailing me.
    Yeah :)
    Okey: It was around November, and after a hard day of school my mother told me she found special Pokemon cups, I freaked out as it would be unique for my collection, she brings out a Sonic the hedgehog cup, it even had it in big letters. But I hugged it anyway and played along, I could have got nothing. Then she pulls out an Amy Rose one, which I didn't mind taking either, then my brother and sister spotted it and yells: "THAAAT'S MIINE" and then My mother said: "Oh yeah, I forgot to get you one." I was cool with it... Then they never restocked them. T^T
    (I am so bored) Oh well, I use the cups sometimes anyway :p
    You're right she could have changed :)
    But by two years I meant last year we met after two years, it's a bit confusing now that I read it xD Maybe some kid knocked some sense to her if I'm lucky.
    BTW, wanna hear a not-so great story in my life that had to do with pokemon and sawnic?
    Haha, fear the mess! Yes, why doesn't it exist? >:I
    She was fun to be with as kids, but now she talks about dating (she says it like she's some popular diva dating a different boy each week), the times she told people to ... (insert not nice word here) and much more. She once called me a chicken, after two years we haven't seen each other. But thank you, I surely won't let her boss me around. I guess I have to look on the bright side of this, sigh.
    Doctor, who?
    *Shot shot bang*
    It was my family stressing because someone we don't like is coming asap and our house wasn't exactly speck less. Which means my swearing, bossy cousin might come too, she acts so tough.
    Yep, most likely the reason for the ban.
    Well, I have to go, something un-enjoyable in IRL is going to happen but I can't sop it, well, see you later!
    By the looks of it, where are people getting these times anyway?
    People think you're Hacked?
    Must find thread so I can laugh at over-panicking peoplez.
    So I don't feel like the only one xD
    Ah thanks. Well... I guess I should go on after a few hours, or when dark finally shows if he knows anything about this hack or can tell us what he has been fighting off, if he has been. Okey... well maybe I should just post on the forum saying I'll reply to them later, but that'll be weird. Pffsht. I wish this was over, I don't care if it was fake, I won't be embarrassed at all, I would be relieved, in fact I'd rather they come out and say "Hahah, We fooled you!"
    Must be. And lol, I saw that, even closed the topic about Dark closing a lot of topics.
    and really? thanks! I'd appreciate that.
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